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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here has already gotten financial aid offers? I just got bumped from a PhD application to an MSE offer but Christy still hasn't mentioned or even replied to my email about funding yet (already one week!). Thanks. -kklloh
  2. Hi, more like the RA appointment. Anyways, was just curious that's all.
  3. Hi, are any of you assigned to Prof. Dale Pullin? Thanks.
  4. Oh well, looks like my MIT dreams are gone... Congrats to those who got in! You're awesome!
  5. Undergrad Institution: Foreign (Nanyang Technological University - Singapore), decent engineering program Major(s): Aerospace Engineering Overall GPA: 4.33/5 Length of Degree: 3.5 years for a 4 year program Position in Class: Roughly top 5-10% Type of Student: International GRE Scores: Q: 750 V: 520 W: 5.0 IELTS Overall: 8.0 Research Experience: Research projects every year since first year. 4 papers published, 2 in international conferences (first authorship), and 2 in international not-so-well-known journals (1 first authorship) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: EADS Techmasters scholarship for senior year study, Best Student Paper at one of the conferences, Dean's List for the first year, Uni's Premier Research Scholarship program Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Currently working as an RA for the National University of Singapore (different field though) Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: High School stuff: Malaysian National Physics Competition (Gold, top 10), Malaysian National Chemistry Competition (High Distinction, top 10) Applying for [ MS ] or [ PhD ] at: University of Minnesota (PhD) - Department AEM - Pending University of Michigan (PhD) - Department Aero/Astro- Pending MIT (MS) - Department Aero-Astro - Pending University of Washington (PhD) - Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics- Pending Caltech (MS) - GALCIT - Pending
  6. Sigh, had some hopes and dreams on this program. Oh well... Emailed Beth Marois and it was the standard, You'll get your notification on or by March 1st. Unfortunately, I have no further info to share at this time... Still waiting around...
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