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  1. I don't know about Moldova, but at this point (almost 2pm EST) I am starting to think that Mexico won't be coming out this week... At least I can relax over the weekend without this horrid anticipation.
  2. Seriously Mexico!! For goodness sake please tell me one way or the other! It is so hard to concentrate on work and make plans for my research year without knowing my status...
  3. Historically, all puns intended, they have given a lot of awards to historians. That being said, who knows? For my interview, I had 8 panelist in total of which 4 were historians. What about you?
  4. I worked with T. Rugeley and S. Evans and D. Chappell. I was good friends with C. Kennedy.
  5. We may know each other in RL. Lol. I went to OU for my Master's in history.
  6. Also, where did you get the 31 number from? If indeed all they have is 31 (last year it was 47), how many did the interview?
  7. I am at UIC. You don't happen to do history do you?
  8. OU or OSU? I too am waiting to hear from Mexico.
  9. I applied to Mexico...where did you apply and for what?
  10. I am a semi-finalist for the Mexico research grant. I have heard nothing since the interview a month or so back.
  11. T-minus 6 days until I need to make a decision and I'm still waiting to hear from UIC. If I really didn't like my POI there I would have just accepted elsewhere already...
  12. Another week and not a peep from UIC?!? What the heck are they doing?
  13. University of Oklahoma funds the majority of their MA students.
  14. I'm in the same boat. I emailed her about a week and a half ago and she seemed angry at me asking, but I got the same story. She will let me know when they are done. I would advise not emailing her again.
  15. I think you have hit the nail on the head! There absolutely is a real world difference between the #2 school and the number #64 school. In my case is all too apparent. The majority of the grad students at my MA university, which is ranked in the 60s, tend to write dissertations on local and regional topics precisely because we get zero money for research or at best $1000 for a whole summer. We also, in order to maintain funding, have to TA every semester, keeping us close to home. Consequently, the majority of the grads from here wind up at community colleges or small liberal arts colleges in
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