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  1. Me too. I am waitlisted at Fordham... and I got an email from Georgia State today about a waitlist for funding (after they said there was "absolutely no chance" for funding for PhD students). Hang in there! Something's bound to happen soon...right?
  2. Just to update anyone else who might be waiting for news from GSU: I talked to the DGS today and learned that there is absolutely no funding for English Literary Studies Ph.D.s (I'm not sure about the other tracks). Apparently they are still making final decisions about acceptances and all, so it will be about a week or so before they send out information. I have to say, it would have been nice to know their financial status before I sent them the application and fee. Especially when their website says that they offer funding for graduate studies. Arg... No thanks.
  3. I found mine on their GoSolar website. The application status said "decision made" and immediately under that, it said "accepted." I tried calling them on Friday but got shuffled around a bit and ended up leaving a voice mail. Hopefully word will come to all soon!
  4. So...I logged on to Georgia State's website and my status was changed to "accepted" for the Ph.D. program, which is great... BUT, I still haven't heard anything from the department---no mail, phone calls, or email. Any word on what is going on? I noticed someone on the results board mention that there is no funding for Ph.D. students this year. Please tell me this isn't true! I would love to live in Atlanta...
  5. Yep. I will be graduating with my Mater's in May I think that they do require Ph.D. students to have an M.A.....but I'm not positive.
  6. I realize that my post was very vague! It is for the Ph.D.--apparently they only accept Ph.D. candidates with funding. I've read that in past years their wait list is categorized according to field...and I was hoping to get an idea about my chances in modernism, gender studies and disability studies... Congrats on your wait list--I hope the rest of your season is going well!
  7. I just received a notification that I am "a finalist on a select wait list for admission" at Fordham. This is the first piece of good news for me this season--after 8 consecutive rejections. For those of you who have been accepted, do you plan on attending? And what is your field? Thanks so much!
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