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    New York, NY

    So I'll most likely be headed to NYC next year. I'm currently in NJ so it's not a hassle at all for me to get in there and check out living spaces. My question is directed to those that have secured living in NYC. What have you done to acquire your current or future/past digs? Is there some source/method that is more reliable than others? I'll be headed to the New School so I'll probably look for places in BK (thinking Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Park Slope), but I don't have money (esp. for a realtor) and if there's massively cheaper housing elsewhere, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks in advance.
  2. It's more like the "what are you going to do now" fantasy is a "Oh my God this has been three years in the making, now I can relax". I'd just like to stop feeling so frivolous, to stop listening to sad music, to stop being a twitching nerve about this admissions nonsense, to understand that there's solid ground under my feet, that the world may not be overcrowded with petty chicanery and false hopes, and to get a full night's sleep. I suppose that's not much of a fantasy. It's a little rough thinking that all the debt I went into last year (not to mention having a long-distance relationship collapse all about me)for the MA doesn't make any sort of difference. Wow. Sorry. I'll certainly be blackout drunk for a few days afterwards. That sounds like fantasy talk. Woo!...?!
  3. Right now? No. In general, generally. I forgot that I've been living high on the hog as an adjunct this year... Everytime I post here I always end up feeling very depressed by the end. But, you know, the whole tweed-jacket-with-leather-elbow-patches look seems to be well worth the misery now.
  4. unless you're Nietzsche or Wittgenstein. Zing.
  5. Is this over all time (i.e. including applying two years ago to 13 places, spending a year paying for an MA, then paying for another 11 this year?) Good god.
  6. eget


    I know it must be difficult to talk about this now (i.e. without even knowing about the "win-win" situation), but I just wanted to agree with others that, on one hand, yes, going into grad school signifies some sort of a "calling", but on the other hand, I'm sorry to say (because it muddies the waters a bit), so is love. My girlfriend and I are in not-quite the same circumstances, but we're both applying to places and have applied to mostly the same geographical areas, but we (read: I) have a bad history with long-distance, and I think we're both incredibly skeptical of that outcome should we be in different regions. We're stuck waiting it out until we have a better sense of options. See more on long-distance sub. What I will say is that you know how you feel about your SO and that I'm sure he's got some kind of understanding/hopes about what will happen. You really should talk about it with him and do your best to be honest. There may be a fork in the road or there might not be, but no discussion board posts can give validation or make the decision any easier. It sounds like you'd rather go to the school that isn't in your home city (otherwise why the dilemma of choice if you get into your home city school?) to me, but that the bonus for the other school is that it's in an area you like (what about the other area?) and that your SO is close-at-hand (how far apart would you two actually be? is this curable by a regular/irregular dose of weekend train/bus-rides?) As for long-distance, I was in an MA program last year and knew a ton of people that fell out of love/their relationship, but some people that I never thought would last ended up lasting and getting closer and I also know people that stuck it out despite some HUGE blunders (read: me). There is a stigma, and rightly so, but don't let the stigma keep you from trying to keep something alive with someone that you love. Love conquers some of the time and it certainly can conquer the long-distance heebie-jeebies. If you decide it's too much, then no one can blame you. As if there aren't already enough cliched lines here, honesty really is the best policy, and that's up for you and him to work out. *I say "him" and "boyfriend" throughout, but, honestly, I can't remember your SO's gender. Please forgive me if I've gotten it mixed-up.
  7. eget

    New Brunswick, NJ

    As someone who has lived just outside of New Brunswick (Highland Park) for a very long time, I wanted to make some general remarks on NB/the Rutgers experience (N.B. that I have not attended Rutgers, though 90% of my friends do/have). I cannot speak to housing in NB, but what I would recommend from seeing numerous apartments or houses (all along College Ave. and downtown NB) for one-night shindigs is that if you care about cleanliness, upkeep, being at a remove from the madding crowd, then don't live anywhere near College Ave. New Brunswick is NOT a beautiful city, and there are stories about crime. The worst that's happened to me (and I've walked quite a distance across NB at all hours) is a few angry, strange words (?) from unsettled passers-by. I'm also a fairly tall guy, so take that into consideration. If you're concerned about social atmosphere/getting rowdy for football games, then NB is a good fit for you. I imagine there are places that live it up more often, and places that are more zealous about their football team, but there's certainly no shortage of venues to partake in the city-wide bacchanalia. I'd be glad to address any specific concerns for those interested (caveat, not much knowledge about campuses - campii? - other than College Ave.)
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