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  1. I think you should focus more on the research match with the faculty rather than which program is the "best". In fact, the best social programs would be the ones who have faculty with a great research match with you. Good Luck!
  2. I've pretty much decided to move the 3rd week of August. I will probably start getting ready though for school and everything sooon.....I want to hit the ground running!
  3. msphdhopeful

    Tempe, AZ

    So does anybody know what the average price is for a descent studio or one-bedroom in a safe neighborhood? Which areas should I be looking at?
  4. Schools generally require 3 letters and at least 2 from professors. I would suggest start trying to see if you could work in a lab and get to know professors that way. I'm in a totally different field so your case may be a little different but I would not recommend getting all your letters from co-workers. Academia is a small field and professors, especially in a particular field of research tend to be familiar with each others work so a great letter from a professor could make a difference.
  5. I'm planning on getting familiar with the city and the campus...and I guess being really settled in before the craziness of the program starts.
  6. I also have an awesome job with an awesome boss and co-workers so I would like to stay as long as I can. My lease is up at the end up of May , I'm renting a room in a house with others and everybody is moving so I can't take over a month-to-month lease...sooo I will probably be spending a couple of months crashing my friends' and family's couches living out of a suitcase until its time to make the big move....it's daunting to think about but I'm also extremely EXCITED!
  7. I agree with socialpsych, I would normally urge you to visit to inform your decision of which school to attend, but since you've already committed and met everyone, I don't think its necessary, unless you don't have a place to move into yet so your trip could revolve around that.
  8. I think that they are probably just doing waves of notifications due to the large number of applicants. Not to be a pessimist, but they usually do these for online notifications which tend to be rejections (I've had this happen to me). I think it would also be rash of them to expect the wave 1 admits to only take a week to decide and decline offers of admission, in order for them to send out wave 2 notifications. I guess you'll find out in about a week, hope its good news!
  9. Oh ya, that thing, must get mine done too!
  10. Hi guys, I wanted to know when everyone is planning on moving, most grad students I've met say that it is better to move during the summer to get into good housing and apartments before the wave of undergrads come, but I can't move until mid-August or so, is this too late? When are all of you planning on moving?
  11. Grad apps gave to me A brand new best friend, you see Please meet, two-buck Chuck
  12. This visit will be a chance for the department to find out if you're right for them, as well as your chance to evaluate the fit of the program for you. Talking to professors are pretty laid back but of course you have to sell yourself and be able to articulate why you would fit in the program. Best wishes and it's a great sign that you have been invited!
  13. I'm going to two more recruitment weekends and have already been to one, and all the prospectives went by themselves. At least for the visits I've been invited to, they put you up with a current grad student so I would definately not want to impose an extra person on them, unless you have funds to get a hotel room during your stay, then your SO can check out the city while you're going to the planned events. Honestly, for the visit I have already been to though, it was so jam-packed with events that I had little free time so your SO may end up just being bored.
  14. Congratulations!!! Go and celebrate! Yup, I felt the same way...the first acceptance has a certain magic!
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