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  1. It may appear that I am venting or being overly emotional at this moment in time. I am not. This is not a fleeting feeling. The only reason I wrote about it today was because today was the last straw. I knew I made a mistake ever since orientation. I honestly wish someone would have warned me about this during my application cycle. It would have prevented me from settling. All I'm saying (and maybe I didn't say it properly before) is: follow your heart to the school you love even if it costs money...at least you will be happy and engaged.
  2. I went to a low ranked school because they offered me full funding over a tier one/top ten university. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I am surrounded by the biggest incompetents in the world. I am not trying to sound condescending. All I am saying is that surround yourself with people who challenge you. Do not settle. I did, and I am regretting it majorly. I feel like I am learning nothing. Because I am so upset about this...I am going to reapply to get another degree and only go if I get accepted into a top tier university. AHHHHHHHHHH
  3. I am about to get my subscription to The Journal and a subscription to Washington Post Weekly. What newspapers do you subscribe to and do you think its worth it?
  4. I have heard they don't really matter like they did in undergrad, but am wanting to hear different opinions and experiences on this topic.
  5. Since we will generally be paid on a GS scale...starting at a GS-9 which is equivalent to a Master's degree....do our graduate schools grade really matter then? I know grades mattered a lot in undergrad...but is it true they don't really matter much in grad school, in particular working for the govt? What do you guys think?
  6. http://www.usatoday.com/money/workplace ... tion_N.htm score!
  7. let's list our first day and wish each other good luck!
  8. I would apply to lower ranked schools that most probably offer you funding. In that I mean....view the average gpas/gre scores of schools you want to go to. Then apply to schools where you clearly exceed those numbers. They will most probably offer you funding. Then you can get a degree with no debt. This is what I am doing....no point in going in debt for social work or public service...we are already paid less than we deserve.
  9. i signed a contract when accepting my offer to receive a set stipend amount....can the school now send me a new contract offering 2k less? is this legal? WTF
  10. i was assigned an assistantship which would have given me GREAT work experience...this was my main reason for selecting to attend my school...now after officially accepting my admission i come here and find out my assistantship still is not finalized and i might be stuck just doing research! wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  11. I would definitely do option two. If you research Americorps, most people regret doing it due to the living standard and beauracratic red tape.
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