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  1. unfortunately deferring a whole year isn't possible, just the one semester. Both other posters made some good points. Its so hard to know whats right I wish someone could make this decision for me. On the one hand I'd hate to be there longer than neccessary, I don't like the idea of missing orienatationa and training, espicially since being a foriegn school they do things a bit differently than I'm used to. But on the other hand, in addition to spending more time with my hubby I'd be able to save up more money for the move. We just paid off a wedding and I've only been able to work part time
  2. Ok So heres the deal I got accepted to a grad program thats half way across the country (and actually in a nother country: Canada). My husband is very supportive and willing to move with me but can'tuntil he finishes school. We thought he'd be done by decemberish so a few months away wouldn't be that bad, but now it turns out that it'll be may or possibly the end of next summer- so up to a whole year away from each other. And the whole time he would keep the pets who are like my children and I would be alone 2000 miles away. My graduate program says that I can push my start daet back to Ja
  3. so im accepted for grad school at ubc and moving there in august. Ive been looking online everyday on craigslist amsrentsline and kijiji but am having a hard time finding something not tooo far form ubc, not super super expensive, and allows pents. If anyone has any tips or leads knows of any places/landlords that might work id really really appreciate if you could let me know either here or pm me .
  4. For my letter writers/research adviser i got them gift boxes/baskets form harry and david. They are really nice and they have things like gourmet fruit, gourmet chocolates, candy/snacks, smoked salmon, gourmet dips and mustards and cheeses, wine gift boxes and more. They seemed to really like them.
  5. So Im a US student and Im going to canada for grad school and I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed. On top of worrying about being able to handle the academic work its all the logistics: trying to find a decent affordable place to live, setting up the move, affording the move, affording rent for two months before the school starts paying me, getting a study visa, setting up health insurance car insurance switching drivers license bank phone company, getting my pets into the country, and on and on. Then the school stuff- talking to adviser, registering for classes, going to orientations, buyin
  6. I applied to 10 programs, still waiting on 2 and still on a waitlist at 1. The funny thing is I thought I'd get more acceptances (only have 1 so far), but the one I got I thought I'd for sure be rejected from, it was one of my top choices ( my other top choice is still deciding). So I'm happy, my expectations are met.
  7. So I just thought of this now. I'm accepted to a canadian program and they guaranteed funding. Few issues though, the stipend amount for RA/TA isn't huge, especially for a big expensive city and they dont waive tuition which is a big junk there. So my question is does anyone know how much will be taken out of this money for canadian income tax? I don't know how the canadian system works for that.
  8. I also think school A sounds more promising. I'd be a little nervous about being advisor B's first grad student, that means he doesn't have the same experience with evaluating work, keeping you on track, perhaps the steps/classes/techincal things required by the particular school, etc. I think advisor A's experience and job placement rate is really more important than feeling welcome. I mean obviously they want you to come if they offered admission but maybe he/they just aren't as friendly, which may not be as fun but keeping things purely professional and all about work seems fine.
  9. i dont think it would hurt anything to contact both of the programs and ask about the possibility of switching. Its pretty late in the game but you never know until you ask.
  10. So The school I'm accepted to funds you primarily through RA work and there is a base pay for this, but some profs mentioned that they pay their RA's more than the base. So I've been emailing some potential advisers asking about research opportunities their work if they have openings etc. But I'm wondering is it tacky or bad to ask them if they pay more or how much their RAs make?
  11. WEll i dont know if the custom varies by program but when i went for a visit the department set up appointments for us to meet with potential research advisors and anyone who wasn't available they encouraged us to email and talk to.I talked to 3 profs while i was there and I've been back a week and emailed an additional 4 professors. I just tell them i've been accepted, thought their research sounded interesting, asked if they had room for any grad students this fall, and if so what types of projects they had available. So far the response has been very helpful, long detailed emails telling me
  12. so do others agree you think it means rejection?
  13. So my friend n I applied at northwestern and he happened to be there visiting his girlfriend and went by the department to ask when they'd be sending out notifications since no one has heard anything. The man told my friend that he didn't know if we were in or not but he said my friend will be in the first wave of notifications in the next 72hrs (good and bad notifications) and he said I was in the second wave which will be next week. Now I'm used to first wave going early and second wave means after first wave has declined some offers, but if I already have a decision and second wave only a w
  14. i've always been told once you're in you're in doesn't matter when you got in, no one will know or remember.
  15. well i think east coast is overall more expensive than midwest. They are both college towns I dont know as much about stonybrook but i know Urbana-champaign is really just a college town in the middle of nowhere, pretty sure 18k would be fine, but i bet in stonybrook with the 29k you'd have more spending money after paying living expenses.
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