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  1. You know, for 60 to 80 bucks, you'd think that would at least buy some common courtesy. Too bad application fees don't work like tips at a restaurant. Who wants to bet we wouldn't be seeing nearly as many of these stupid mistakes?
  2. me: same school, but applied math. also at wit's end. I called the program last week and they said they were planning to send out second round notifications this week. now I'm wondering if that meant sending out both "yes" and "no"s, and they haven't sent out anything yet, or they were just sending out "yes"s and I am either rejected or left getting moldy on the hail-mary waitlist. here's hoping this turns out well for both of us...
  3. Well, I would start by having a drink. I'm also stressing out waiting to hear from a school, so, I feel your pain. I've been averaging about 5 hrs of sleep a night for the past month. Hopefully we both get some good news...and can return to normal, healthy sleep habits.
  4. I'd call and ask what's up, just to be sure. Who knows.
  5. On the one hand, I sort of feel like, "screw these schools keeping everybody waiting; if you're forced to put a deposit down somewhere just to make sure you are going SOMEwhere for grad school in the fall, and then have to dump said deposit later, so be it." On the other hand, and I think more importantly; by putting a deposit down someplace, and then not matriculating at that school, you've just effectively taken away a spot for another applicant that may've actually gone there, but who instead got rejected off the waitlist since the spot was taken.
  6. Hear, hear! Having made my own dumb up-and-move life adventure, I can vouch for the comfort that comes from knowing that you're living your life the way you chose it...for better or for worse. I'd rather be saying "well, this kind of sucks, but I got myself into this", instead of "well, this sucks, I really shouldn't've listened to so-and-so". Plus, the flip side of a bad decision is a good learning experience. :wink:
  7. Wow; that's depressing. :| I'm sorry to hear about that.
  8. 1. I'm not super familiar w/ the graduate housing. 2. You'll have to do some searching to find a place downtown that will allow a dog--there aren't many places that will. If you live even a bit away from the downtown area, though, your chances improve. There is a nice little dog park in the South End somewhere...I forget what it's called. It's over by Kilburn St, I think. But you'll have to live farther away from downtown than the park to find a good dog-friendly place, I think. 3. If I go back to Burlington this fall, this is definitely how I'm doing it...my ideal spot would be out on the southernmost island. 4. I actually went five years in Vermont never going downhill skiing. I do cross-country ski, though, and there are plenty of places to do that, too. As far as downhill, often some of the slopes will offer discount season passes to UVM students. 5. Can't speak from experience, second-hand or otherwise, but I can't imagine you'd have a problem finding a place to stable a horse outside of town somewhere. Probably be at least a 15-20 minute drive, but I'd wager you could find something. 6. Traffic can be a pain, parking is ok. 7. Hey, what happened to seven? =) 8. Ooo, now you're talking. Radio Bean is a must check-out...quirky cafe by day, small bar by night. Near that is New World Tortilla, with burritos as big as your forearm for like, $6...they also opened a second location in the new student center. New Moon Cafe is good study-type place, with salads, sandwiches, quiches, and all sort of coffee drinks and smoothies. If it's still there, Pacific Rim is a great little spot to get good Asian food (read: actually tasty and not uber greasy) for pretty reasonable prices. Also, the Klinger's sandwich kiosk on Church St sells sandwiches for half-price after 3 (or sometime around 3...I forget exactly)...it's not something they actively advertise, but just ask. I was so proud of myself for finding that out. =) You can also find a good quick lunch at City Market; it's a pretty hopping place around dinner times. Sunday brunch at the Indian restaurant on Winooski is a good deal too. (As you can see, most of my suggestions revolve around not spending too much money...) But, if you are looking to splurge on a nice weekend dinner out, my favs were the two Thai places: Parima and Tantra. Note that Parima sometimes has live bands on the weekends, so can be loud depending on when you go; Tantra doesn't. And the best part is, all these places are easily walkable from campus. (yey for walkability!)
  9. I'm yet another Northeast native who's going to agree with the "you'll probably have better luck in the northeast" sentiment. It is, after all, home to the two states that currently recognize same-sex marriages. While that doesn't necessarily mean you'll encounter the same tolerance that LGBT/etc people and issues enjoy in that region, it does mean you'll probably encounter more tolerance compared to the other parts of the country where they aren't even tolerant of LGBT issues. I went to college in Vermont, and would suggest checking out Burlington (where the Univ. of VT is). (Even despite the fact that the big news there right now is: the governor is hollering about how he's going to veto the same-sex marriage bill that's currently in the state legislature...thing is, it's probably going to pass through both the senate and house with 2/3+ majority, so his veto threat is hopefully meaningless.) UVM offers a degree in math education, but I don't know about programs in the history of education. Vermont, but particularly Burlington, is a pretty "anything goes" kind of place, very tolerant. Although I suppose I never really heard much about polyamorous relationships there, I can't imagine people would think that's too much "weirder" than anything else one already encounters there. On the down-side, it is small as far as cities go, so you may find better support trying a bigger city--where you'll probably have more success networking with other people observing lifestyles similar to yours. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck! =)
  10. I hear you...that was me last year (well, 0 for 4, but still). And, there's a non-zero chance that will be me again this year. Sorry it sucks so bad. =(
  11. Yeah, I called my last program a couple days ago to see if there was any news on when we'd get decisions and pretty much got the same answer. In any case, if any of you out there are sitting on an acceptance to my last program, and you know you're not going there, would you kindly notify them of such? =) Edit: I cut out all the whiny bits. =)
  12. despite stomach, called but then, just a recording oh, that's right, spring break
  13. haha...an empathetic, light punch in the arm to you, too, dude.
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