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  1. Hi Maeisenb, since you seem to know the area very well, and are still kind enough to answer questions, I pose these to you. I have a dog. A big one. He is old and quiet and stuff, but we both prefer a more 'burby atmosphere. I haven't lived in an apartment for over a decade. And eh, nightlife smightlife, I am old too. I own a car, but am fine with bussing in for school. As of yet, I have no funding, but I may take the chance (and my table waiting skills) and go for the program at GWU anyway. I do have an MA degree, so tutoring is always viable as well. I would chew off a finger to live alone (okay, perhaps not) but I doubt it will be possible. So, any thoughts on an area that is cheap, dog friendly-like, and has it's own neighborhood going on, like schools and markets, where non academic employment might be had? And yes, I realize cheap is relative, as is safe. I have lived in some dumps, but I have found that sometimes the supposedly 'less safe' areas are the same ones that are mostly where blue-collar non-white families live.. which suits me fine. So? Will you accept this challenge Ser?
  2. Hiya! I am a student at OU, not a pub health major here, but I am a grad student taking public health classes at the Health Science Center currently. I have lived in the OKC area for three years, so I can help you there. I too have been accepted into the program, but am possibly going elsewhere. As far as the two programs, U. N. Tex is ranked at # 36, with OU HSC at # 25 (http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/public-health-rankings) However, I would focus on what networking opportunities that are avail. OU has the advantage of a medical hub for the state. That said, I know practically nothing about N.Texas, except that it is Fort Worth.... (right??) Let me know if you think I can be of assistance! And Congrats!
  3. Paradoll, I received an automated email from Sophas explaining only one GRE score needed to be sent to a participating school, and the school would transmit the score to SOPHAS. Apparently this email was due to some feedback that this policy was unclear (because it really is).
  4. sunshine6

    Philadelphia, PA

    This may sound really provincial, but meh, don't care. I have lived in TX (Austin) for the past forever, so I am ignorant when it comes to actual urban living. I have a dog. He has been with me for over a decade, and is the closest I will get to having a child. If this is annoys you, just stop reading here. I am very seriously considering school in Philly, but I (in all truth and lameness) want to be sure that it is feasible to take him with me. So the Q is: Is it unrealistic to find a suburby style place on a budget that allows a dog, and (hope upon hope) have a small yard for the big guy? I am willing to commute--but I have to be realistic about the cost. Would love to hear from dog people. EDIT: He would be indoors unless I am home to watch him outside. I am not one of those jerks that leaves dogs tied out all the time. Thanks.
  5. This needs a bump. In other fields (like social sci) safety schools are those that may not be as well recognized, yet offer value to the applicant as far as close student/faculty ratio, or recently established sub-disciplines that offer interest specific programs that may fit a limited scope, and therefore limited applicants. I come from Anthro, which has many programs that are not really "ranked", as the sub-fields are very diverse and individual (like location-specific cultural, physical, or linguistic categories.. ex. biocultural studies on HIV in Urban Areas in the US etc). So PH folks, what does one define as a "safety school" in your dicipline? The more generalized MPH programs? Those that are not ranked on US News& World Report? Do tell....
  6. Thanks so much for your imput Dee! I would love to hear more about the project you are working on.. And any info you can offer with regards to your exp with GWU. Feel free to PM me if you can find the time between apps and such. Again many thanks for your help!
  7. (and now I am paranoid) Oh grad school applications, what hast thou done to my sanity!?
  8. adherence. Part of my essay deals with the ridiculous-ness of labeling patients "non-compliant" Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Ok, I have something to complain about. Just got an email saying I only needed to send one GRE score to ONE Sophas school, and it would be forwarded to Sophas, NOW you tell me, 5 scores later. Sheesh.
  10. Hi! I finishing my MA in biological anthropology this Spring, along with taking some grad level intro classes: Biostats and Epi. I have 1100 GRE (ugh) but a 4.0 at the grad level, so there is that. My interests are socio-economic barriers to drug therapy compliance. Particularly that of the impoverished, incarcerated, or otherwise underserved. I would like to address these issues with a community based education approach. Applying to: UNC--MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education Drexel--DrPH in Community Health and Prevention GWU--(Not sure if MPH or DrPH, still waiting on feedback from the program) Health Behavior/Health Promotion USF-- dual MPH/anthro PhD These are all really exciting programs to me. Are there any others I should look into? I considered Columbia, Emory, UPitt and UT-Austin as others. I decided against Columbia because I don't like NYC, the folks at Emory never answered inquiry emails, and I am still thinking over the last two--just getting low on application/transcript/gre score funds. I would love any imput regarding, well, any of this. Cheers!
  11. Can I complain about programs that have you do half through SOPHAS and half by another system? One application, two sets of everything! Drat and phooey.
  12. Heyooo, Finishing an MA in Bio-med antho, and thinking a dual degree may be the way to go. Thoughts? Experiences with specific departments? Should I even get the PhD or is an MPH enough? Last one: a DrPH program is on the table as well, anyone transition from anthro to a program like this? Thanks folks!
  13. Hey 007, We have similar interests, and I am finishing a MA bioanth program, and looking for phd programs. I second anthro geek on the concerns with ASU and UTenn. I too am anxious about choosing an evo program, unless they have someone I would want really to work with. The key is the faculty. After reading their bio's, go to google scholar or another search engine and see how often they publish. Look to see if they are working on something along the lines of your interests, and how recent that work was done. Contact them, yea it is awkward, but you'll want to know if they are accepting students. No point in applying somewhere if your chosen advisor is leaving on sabbatical in 6mo. Grad school for bioarch is ALL about who you study under. Send me a pm if you like, we can help eachother look for programs. k
  14. I agree with fuzzy. Your prof was probably just making sure you weren't planning on taking too much time off. As in, "I am going to move to (insert interesting locale here) to find myself... be back, um soon." 2 years? Bad idea... 1 year to get your work done? No problem.
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