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  1. I just got an email from Prof. Lesser informing me he has "been authorized to offer [me] admission to the doctoral program"!! Apparently the official email from the English department will be coming tomorrow. I am definitely planning to accept, and so stoked to meet you all for real in the Fall!!! I'm floating.
  2. I'm surprised they accepted anyone off the waitlist already--in my wait list email Wayne Lesser said that admitted students day was later than usual this year and basically indicated that it would be rather late in the game before I knew for sure whether I was accepted or rejected. U Texas is my top choice, so I'm really hoping for this one. The waiting is killing me. Anyone here with research interests in Modernism? I know there probably are people who have accepted interested in that field, and I don't know how many from each area they'd admit (or even how big the class as a whole usuall
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