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  1. I haven't nailed down housing yet. Anyone else still looking for roomies or lease-taker-overers?
  2. If it makes you feel any better (I know it sucks being in that position no matter what), it happens every year (and from what I've heard, it happens every year on the job market, too.) Of course, it's understandable that programs would be disappointed to have candidates retract their decisions and it's a situation worth avoiding if possible. But ultimately, the programs will survive with or without you, and it's one of the most important decisions of your professional career. If you've respectfully and tactfully retracted your decision and a DGS or other faculty can't understand that and feel
  3. Thanks, Ophelia. That's really good info for us incoming and prospectives to know.
  4. Though it sounds like students might have to run up some credit card debt if they don't have the cash on hand...
  5. What she said. And may I add: It's just mind bogglingly awesome.
  6. Hey, y'all. I accepted Austin today. Hollaaaaa.
  7. Thanks. I love that quote, too. And I'm glad you mentioned it because it made me realize that it's said "The only think you can do" this entire application season. Wow, I'm a dweeb.
  8. Congrats, Proflorax! I think ya picked the right one, baby Guess that means my rejection letter should be coming any day now... reckon you just can't win em all! Congrats to all the others who've made their final decisions. Woot!
  9. ...rent costs like $1200 around campus?
  10. You might also consider asking DGS's or program assistants at the schools you're interested in. I wouldn't want to waste time, energy and money applying to a program if their hands are tied by the Graduate School to a firm GPA minimum. On the other hand, some might claim a minimum GPA requirement that's not as strict as their website implies. All programs' restrictions and requirements from the Grad School are different, so I'd ask someone in the department directly before deciding whether or not to apply.
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