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  1. Anyone going to Arizona PhD English RCTE? I still have not heard back...
  2. My graduate M.A. English comprehensive written exams are next week!! AH!! 6 hours long!!! Trying not to panic. Anyone else taking their exams this term?
  3. Well, received a nice rejection email from Washington State And I am still waiting to hear from Arizona! Also waiting to hear about a funding and GTA offer (if any) from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Anyone decided to go to Arizona??
  4. I am taking History of Rhetoric this term and the text we are using is" The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present" (Bizzell and Herberg). It is one I will keep on my shelf, but I would wait until the summer to buy it...much cheaper.... used around 25 bucks!
  5. Proflorax: Also Congrats on your decision! Sounds as though the program at Maryland is a great match with your interests. Best of Luck
  6. Well, everyone knows about Iowa state's program...solid reputation and it has a proven and successful program, but frankly, I have never heard of East Carolina's program... I would search the forum for posts about both programs.. and I would not limit your choice to only two schools...spread the net...
  7. It depends on what you want to do with your PhD. If it is teaching and academic research....I'd go with Iowa State. Look at alumni job placements from both programs...
  8. My GPA was 3.89 and I received a rejection from UMass, but I was accepted to Louisiana's PhD Rhetoric and Composition program...I would suggest you enroll as a postbac-grad in a good school and take 2 or three English grad courses and get all A's and that will fix the GPA....if your other material is great ( letters, SOP, sample paper..GRE verbal above 90 percentile and writing section at least a 5.0) ...you will get into a program somewhere..... however, UMASS is very tough to get into..they only take about 4 to 5 Rhet/Comp people....make sure you apply to a good number of programs...at leas
  9. I am finishing my MA English at Portland State (Oregon) this year and location was a big factor ...I wanted to stay close to family here, but there is only 1 English PhD program in Oregon, and just 2 in Washington.... but if I apply again this fall, I think I might have to forget about location...and look more carefully at Midwest schools....and in the South.
  10. I will have my MA in English-Rhet.&Comp. this June, and I have been accepted to a great PhD English Rhetoric and Composition program, but I am on wait list for funding... QUESTION: I was wondering, how many of you are on the wait list for funding? And, if funding and a GTA position are not offered, would you still go? Also, say you accepted and funding was not offered, what are the realistic chances of being offered funding and a GTA position in the second year, and/or guaranteed for the remaining years? If I am not offered funding, I think I could carry the cost of t
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