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  1. You're just too awesome!!! I know you're gonna rock it like a hurricane! ;-)

  2. Today, I was accepted with full-funding off of the wait-list at Rice. Very much hope to attend in the fall. :-)
  3. A hearty congratulations, lechatgris! I hope I can be so lucky. :-)
  4. I noticed someone one got in off the waitlist. Anyone care to claim it? And, congratulations! :-)
  5. I'm a current Ph.D. student at A&M and, from what I understand, M.A. students will be funded in the sense that they receive a monthly stipend, but that they will not receive a tuition reduction or waiver. Have you not heard anything yet?
  6. Does this mean that you're trying to decide between Vandy, Temple and Tufts, ZeeMore21? Or have you made a decision? Best of luck!
  7. Thanks for the update Capo! I hope you enjoy whichever awesome program that you do choose. :-) The Awdude, I went to ULL for my M.A., so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Anyone accepted or waitlisted at Rice turning down an offer?
  9. Congratulations, Lechatgris! I haven't received any kind of invitation to the recruitment weekend. So, either way, I'm jealous! :-)
  10. Sorry, I only listed early modernists in my statement of purpose. :-)
  11. I'm interested in early modern literature and culture and the performance of gender and sexuality. :-)
  12. I just posted what I think to be the second wait list announcement. Here's the bulk of the e-mail/letter: "This year, our program had an extremely competitive applicant pool with over 130 applications for only 7 funded positions. Since we only admit full scholarship students we cannot, at this time, offer you admission to the program. However, our Graduate Program Committee was very impressed with your candidacy and has placed you on a wait list for admission." Beyond this, it just said they'll keep me informed about the status of my application. Sorry, I wish I could offer me helpful in
  13. How did you find out you were on a second waitlist, Medicine? This whole idea is very strange and interesting.
  14. I too applied to Northwestern, but for its Interdisciplinary Program in Theatre and Drama. Is that what you applied to, Nineve16? I just saw some interviews for Northwestern's Comm Studies PhD, and since the IPTD is housed in the school of Communications, I'm a little nervous! Good luck all! :-)
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