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  1. I'm going to UW Madison! The faculty and graduate students are wonderful, the program has lots of professional development opportunities, and there's just enough structure so that I get a firm grounding in rhet comp and the ability to explore other disciplines and ideas. Very excited!
  2. I think you should go to Maryland. All of your choices are good ones and as a result, I think you need to go where it feels right. The prestige or history of a program matters, sure, but what really matters on the job search (professors have suggested to me) are 1) the quality and breadth of your work and your ability to talk about it, 2) the prestige of those who'll end up writing your recommendation letters when you're looking for TT jobs, and 3) your teaching experience (in that order). Lots of other things matter too, of course, but I don't think the prestige of the program matters (if th
  3. I'll second (or third or fourth) that teaching a 2:2 of the same course is really nothing to worry about. I taught a 2:2 all throughout my M.A. (my first and second years as a teacher), and I loved it. I might have loved a 1:1 more, but I had no problem doing good work for my classes and doing my own research and writing for my thesis. If you love everything else about the program, I say go for it!
  4. Yeah, I've responded to this admittedly lucky brand of stress by making copious amounts of spreadsheets.... I think I've decided on UW Madison, but turning down a Michigan acceptance feels pretty gd scary and wrong. AHHH
  5. I'd definitely recommend The Norton Book of Composition Studies. I bought literally shelves full of comp/rhet books when I decided to switch from lit to comp/rhet and this book was by far the best at helping me get a sense of both the history of the discipline and where we are now. I then devoured Bedford's Teaching Developmental Writing which gave me a really good sense of my particular subfield. After reading these, I find that I can identify the scholarly currents more recent comp/rhet articles are tapping into. Also, if you're interested in Madison, definitely pick up David Flemming's From
  6. Hey Sursie. I'm rhet/comp and got a wait list notification from UNC, but I told them to take me off. Good luck!!
  7. Yep, it's UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago). I would *love* to know who got that UIC acceptance!
  8. Post-acceptance stress is totally where I am right now. I didn't think my application was that competitive (my B.A. and M.A. are from schools that aren't even ranked and I teach at a for-profit college) so I wasn't expecting to have to do much choosing between programs. Talking on the phone to prospective programs' faculty and students and sending out my own rejections is PAINFUL. I do not like to say no and I feel like a terrible person.... and then the choosing! It's ridiculously hard. Don't get me wrong. I'm totally grateful for how lucky I've been so far (though I'm sure many reje
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