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  1. Sure! I was admitted with pretty good funding for an NYU MA program. 3.4 / 147Q / 164V / 4.5AW 4+ years in PR and digital strategy. Killer SOP and writing sample.
  2. pomo

    New York, NY

    If commuting to the GC for CUNY, maybe think about Queens. It's easy to get to Midtown from Queens. And so cheap! Also, I can't sing the praises of Padmapper more than I already have. It's so much easier to look at apartments with a map right in front of you.
  3. I was the acceptance from this season on the results survey. I just got a packet from them with enrollment info. I won't be accepting the offer. I believe it is pretty easy to be admitted? I don't think it's very competitive since they don't really have a cohort. Just be persistent and keep calling.
  4. Well, the open house was just a barometer of how the program was, since the department had already given me the best offer of all the programs I was choosing from. I thought the most useful parts of the night were a discussion of the health of the department (they are hiring faculty! they have a lot of resources!) and how much they care about the MA cohort and helping the MA students with PhD admissions. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM.
  5. After yesterday's open house, I accepted my offer to MCC--is anyone else going to be starting with me in September? I felt like such a spaz last night...it's been a long time since I've been the new kid at school!
  6. Zbot00, did you go to the NYU MCC open house yesterday? I went, if you want specifics or have questions, feel free to PM. I felt as if it was a great department with a lot of room for growth and a great feel for interdisciplinary scholarship. They have been incredibly responsive and helpful throughout this process, so picking MCC feels like an easy decision. I will say that if you want to work in communications, your best bet is to just work in communications! No degree will give you the tools to do these jobs--only experience will do that. A MA from MCC will make you a better communica
  7. Weirdly, I just got my award letter from Gallatin after emailing them last week asking about aid (I can't see more than one award on the NYU backend, so they had to tell me via email) and they gave me a pretty small scholarship spread out over the first three semesters. MCC + The New School did better with aid, but I appreciate that Gallatin got back to me, because now I can make an informed decision. Maybe you should email them and see if they get back to you?
  8. Since writing the original post, I have pretty much decided to take the offer from MCC. I think having a degree IN something (my BA is interdisciplinary) is going to be helpful, plus MCC gave me a great aid package, whereas Gallatin hasn't even returned my emails regarding financial aid! Anyway, my MCC open house is tonight and assuming that goes well, I will be turning down my other offers. I hope my Gallatin spot goes to you!!
  9. I am having trouble deciding between NYU's Gallatin MA program and Steinhardt's Media, Culture & Communications MA. My research areas fit well in both programs, but I am wondering which program will be most helpful when I apply for the PhD. I already live in NYC, and have other offers; however, I have narrowed my choices down to these programs. Forgoing the MA and applying directly to PhD programs next year is not an option. At first I was hesitant because I heard it is difficult to get GA or TA spots in Gallatin, but after talking to current students in both programs, it looks as if
  10. I heard from Gallatin a while ago and am surprised they aren't hosting an open house. They sent me a big folder of stuff, but I am still waiting on financial aid info from them, which is frustrating considering how long ago I was accepted. Are you going to the NSSR open house? I'm going, but will probably be passing up both offers (NSSR + GALLATIN) for the NYU MCC program.
  11. I talked to financial aid this morning and they told me they haven't started awarding packages to master's students yet. I don't know if that means merit or everything, but she said that is why there is no info on my backend. Hope you guys find that helpful.
  12. Did anyone apply to NSSR for Liberal Studies? Got my notification today...in with 25% merit scholarship. Not sure it's enough to sway me away from the NYU MCC MA, but definitely will consider. Got a very nice personal note from the director of grad admissions too...
  13. If you look around, there is a page that uses your N ID number to produce a NetID. My aid info is nowhere on the backend yet, but I got in there (Albert too) and looked around.
  14. Just got the email--I'm in! So relieved, since it looks as if I'm going to take this offer barring any crazy financial aid from my remaining programs. Is anyone going to the 4/2 open house?
  15. pomo

    New York, NY

    Not even -- the L is mostly pretty pricey now. Greenpoint, off the F, maybe you can find something cheap, but Williamsburg into Bushwick has gotten SO expensive! Why do we live here again?
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