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  1. I'm reevaluating a lot of things now, so at this time none yet. Yourself?
  2. Check on your letter writers to make sure they know your work well. And really try to find out what your POIs are looking for in a grad student. I sometimes found it hard to break through, but if you keep asking they will tell you eventually. But you can't possibly do worse than I have (not applying to anthro programs now, but did for years since 2010 and didn't have much luck inspiring confidence or selling myself I suppose.)
  3. How exactly does one do that? Can you break that down a bit into digestible, replicatable pieces? Some of us have been trying for years with decent scores and GPA. I know my problem them and now was field experience and maybe fit because my SOPs may have not been exactly the SOPs they were looking for.
  4. Today I began a new day with a new perspective. After reviewing my choices this year I realized that there were some I just was not really jazzed about. I was excited about what they might could be or could do for my career, but not enough otherwise about the research. But I felt I had to make a choice. Issues of geography, career promise and actual interests were often at odds. I have no answers for how to balance what excites a person with making sensible choices that will lead to job security, but there has to be something in your education and job potential choices that leads you to an "ex
  5. Thanks everyone for contributing your input. I'm moving into a better place and ready to charge into the next rounds. I feel good.
  6. I was struggling more with the family/personal issues this past year. Now it's just me and I'm free to pursue my interests and goals solo. I've asked past recommenders about weaknesses and never got definitive answers. But for now I am going to assume that I need to be at the top of everything. I've come close to being published but never quite made it past review on papers as a second author. I will assume that I need to have everything else that top candidates have, even if that means finding a mentor while I'm not in school anymore.
  7. That indeed is a miraculous turn around. How does one apply and get accepted to present posters at conferences, and get "second and third" author on two publications all before a new application season? I'm not in school now, and struggling with employment and personal/family issues.
  8. I think I asked the wrong question but I appreciate that you listed these in order of importance. But how can one quantify a baseline for the quality of LOR and the number of publications or amount of research experience? What GRE scores are safely high enough?
  9. I realize I wouldn't just use any past employer. the employer in particular was the VP of Science, and R&D at a Biotech company, and I was involved in some bioinformatics and analysis afterwards that may be used in product development and research publication. The experience was as academically intense as any situation I encountered in graduate school although I had to dig deeper into genetic and computational background than anything else. I also got to do some statistical analysis as well. I don't know if that kind of job background would matter as much but I thought it would help round
  10. Wouldn't it be nice if rejection letters could provide specific actionable feedback? Tell me what was lacking and I will work hard over the next year to change that. Thanks!
  11. I have one Master's degree and am about to finish an MPH. Will the committee consider weighing in the Master's degrees work when looking at my GPA?
  12. One more: What kinds of references are best? Did I make a mistake having my former boss do a letter? Should all LOR come from professors?
  13. What are the essential basics needed for serious consideration anywhere at any program? I can say what I have, but I am curious to get feedback on generalities rather than specific feedback on my background. The categories can include: The ranking of your undergrad school Effective mentoring in school GRE Research publications Conference presentations Work experience Letters of Rec Personal statement content Other factors not mentioned above. Thanks!
  14. Bottom line: Do any programs have April or May deadlines for PhD programs - OR are there any programs of any type (like distance programs) that have rolling admissions? I'm not giving up and will stubbornly punish myself if I have to in order to keep fighting for an admit. This is bucket list level stuff for me. I have 2 more late decision schools for this year, but neither are in Psychology. Please try to understand the perspective of someone who has applied for 3-4 years and only received 1 unfunded offer out of over a dozen applications. I can't afford nor find 10-12 applications a yea
  15. I've definitely accepted that it this point it would take a miracle! I guess I will embolden myself to reach out and ask again so if indeed it is rejection I can move on and maybe stop distracting myself with dreams about "what if".
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