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  1. Congrats to the Suffolk acceptance! Would you be comfortable PMing me your POI's initials? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone heard from LIU Brooklyn post interviews? Thanks
  3. I know I've already asked about UVA clinical here, but does anyone have confirmation that UVA clinical interviews have already happened/ invites to interview have been extended? (Not Curry School). It seems odd that so little has been posted on the results board. Thanks!
  4. Keep in mind that you can only attend one school, so one acceptance is really just as valuable as several! Another thing to keep in mind is that qualifications have much less to do than fit in these programs, so the programs that rejected you likely did not do so because they thought you were unqualified. = Congrats on the acceptance! It is an enormous accomplishment, and you should feel very proud!
  5. I totally agree with these points. I've also found that all my interview offers have come from schools where I have very very closely related research experience (working at an academic hospital, not undergrad) to my POI. My future research interests seem to matter much less than my proven past experiences, which makes sense. I had some lovely email exchanges this Fall with POIs from schools where my research interests matched theirs pretty darn closely (but not exactly), and they strongly encouraged me to apply. Unfortunately, I didn't receive interviews from these programs. I followed up with a few of the professors, and they were gracious enough to explain that the only reason I didn't get an interview offer was because some other applicants had more closely related experiences in areas the lab is currently exploring. I'm really glad I know why things didn't work out, and the reasoning is completely understandable and wise from the POVs of the POIs, but I wish I had known how closely research experience match mattered before applying (if only for the application fees!)
  6. I am also contemplating the footwear situation. I'm a female wearing a pantsuit, so dress boots will look wrong with the cut of my pants. I'm planning to wear snow boots (pants tucked in) traveling by subway to my upcoming interview in NY and change into dress flats once inside since the interview will not require any walking outside. I think I'll also bring a plastic shopping bag to leave my boots in during the interview so they don't defrost snow all over the floor of the psychology department As for a bag, I'm bringing my trusty black fake leather tote bag/ large purse that I use for work and is big enough to hold my interview folio, water bottle, snack, wallet, etc. If I didn't have a bag like this, I would probably just bring a purse and carry my folio. Sort of wishing I had applied to more schools in warmer climates right now, haha. Best of luck to everyone during this stormy time
  7. Hi there! A few years ago I was in perhaps a similar position as you (working in non psych job, 4 years out of undergrad, realizing clinical psychology was my professional calling,) and I decided to switch jobs in order to get more direct research experience and opportunities for publication. This meant moving and working as a clinical research coordinator at a hospital for PIs who do behavioral and mental health research. I am fortunate to now live in a major city with several big teaching hospitals, so these types of jobs are abundant, but one could also gain similar research experience working for an actively researching psychology professor at a university or even a small college. I also know that the VA and community mental health centers/clinics are involved in research, and therefore likely hire RAs. I know switching jobs is a huge deal (or it was to me!), but I think fully committing myself professionally to pursuing clinical psych research even before applying has helped my application process thus far. Best of luck to you!
  8. @byn thanks for this. I was suspecting the same, and I just looked back at the prior conversation/argument that I hadn't previously read- yikes
  9. Thanks for the resonse. Could you please message me your POI's initials since he/she already offered you admission? It would help to know if we had the same POI. Thanks and best of luck to you too!
  10. @ClinicalPSY Posters here and on the Harvard conversation are curious about which POI(s) have given out offers already. Are you the 2/3 acceptance on the results board? Would you be okay sending me and @WhereamI your POI's initials? Thanks.
  11. Right, I am definitely keeping my expectations low. I was just wondering if anyone here had been offered an interview from him already so I could lose the last of my hope... best of luck to you!
  12. Have any clinical applicants heard from POI JW yet?
  13. Does anyone know whether or not UVA clinical (not curry school) interviews have been extended? Or any knowledge about when interviews will be? Nothing has been posted on the board, and it looks like interviews were extended in late Jan. in prior years. Thanks!
  14. I also got this email and will be attending this interview. I'm planning on eating a large meal around 11am and bringing a snack. I don't want to presume that they will be providing us lunch, and I don't feel comfortable asking them, so either I'll be pleasantly surprised or hungrier than usual at 3pm. The two interviews I had last week didn't provide lunch at lunchtime, so my assumption is no, but let me know if you gain any additional insight!
  15. Does anyone know if umass Boston has completed extending interview invites?
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