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  1. Someone created this last year and I thought it was a great idea to get different perspectives and see how others were coping with their rejections! I think it will be good for us to start one this year, and begin to decompress/start thinking of plan B (or C, or D, E.. etc) after rejections come trickling in. Use the following template if it helps! School: Area/Degree: Rationalization: Comment: Coping tactics:
  2. @Lakzo30 UCF sent their invites out about a week ago. Interview date is this Friday, Jan. 29th. Not sure about all others - I recall that most have sent out invites. Check thegradcafe results page by typing in your school's name, that should narrow down the invites.
  3. UNC Greensboro Grad School keeps sending out these "Grad School Workshop e-mails happening in Jan. 20th" that make my heart skip a beat every time.... LOL stop it!!!!! AHH!!!!!
  4. Anyone dreading this period of uncertainty from now until sometime in January as much as I am? I find myself constantly reviewing my (already submitted) applications, re-reading my CV, SoPs... Searching for more information about previous applicants/current students in these programs.. Gees.
  5. Hi everyone! So before I share some of information about myself, I do want to share that these forums have been incredibly helpful. Before 'joining' thegradcafe, I found the suggestions/tips listed on here about applying to grad school extremely useful, so I hope that whomever is reading my message (current/future PhD applicants) can make use of it! That said.... This is my FIRST time "officially" applying. During Fall 2014, I was in my senior year, had multiple responsibilities/projects going on, and did not feel comfortable applying at ALL. I graduated in May 2015. Background of
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