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  1. Apparently we'll hear by May 1st by the way. Hope that helps.
  2. It's been a bit dissapointing to find out after the fact that both Kellogg and MIT Sloan have discontinued the ad hoc joint-degree programs with SAIS. Such a shame. SAIS is an amazing program and combines beautifully with an MBA. I wonder if politics or money are to blame? Has anyone had any luck this year arranging an ad hoc joint degree?
  3. Maybe it depends on the program? Mine said 'We will have a better idea of your prospects for admission after April 15'
  4. Hi - any updates from KSG waitlisters? They said we'd hear after April 15th. Let's keep each other posted and fingers crossed for all!
  5. I got into IDEV (significant funding) with 4 years of work experience in development-related financial services. Hope that helps.
  6. Well, let's just keep each other posted on any MPA-ID WL developments. I'm not terribly hopeful either, but Kennedy does usually take a few people from the WL since their fellowship funding isn't quite on par with WWS/SAIS/LSE etc. Best of luck to all of you.
  7. I'm an MPA-ID waitlist. Do we have any idea how many of us are in the same position? I'd guess only 10 or so since the program is so small.
  8. Waitlisted for MPA/ID. I'm going to try to stay optimistic - getting admitted would be a dream for me. Anybody have any prior experience or knowledge of the MPA/ID waitlist?
  9. All is still quiet on the MPA-ID front, I assume...
  10. that's big news - thanks for letting us know.
  11. In my mind, they're sitting around a table making last minute decisions. Writing individualized acceptance letters don't take this long.
  12. thanks for calling! we all appreciate it.
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