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  1. It occurred to me as some of us are packing, planning, and preparing for our respective countries pretty soon, it would be nice to keep in touch or follow each others experiences. Does anyone else have a blog? I started one recently: www.adrienneharding.com. I would also be interested in following others experiences, especially if you are in Europe. Best wishes to everyone!
  2. I wish everyone tremendous success with the application process! I can't help but remember what I was doing a year ago at this pivotal point in preparing my Fulbright application. Recently, I recounted some of the most meaningful lessons I learned from months of research, drafting, language study, and correspondence on my blog: www.adrienneharding.com. I am happy to share my experience on how to get through the process like a "sane person." Thanks to everyone who stops by, feel free to drop a question, comment, or message me personally. Best wishes to everyone!!!
  3. I wish I had found this site a year ago when I was applying. It wasn't until after I was selected that I stumbled here. These forums are a great resource--so if you are here already, you're off to a good start! I will be heading to Austria to begin my Fulbright with a project regarding interdisciplinary music and dance studies. It would be delighted to offer my experience if anyone had any questions about the application, process, preparation, and of course the wait, etc. You can message me or check out the blog I started recently. www.adrienneharding.com Best wishes!!
  4. I have a good feeling! You will feel so awesome once you have shared it with the world. I totally can relate--I'm wishing you the same positive supportive reaction I received from my employer! Take a deep breath knowing what you have in store is so awesome...and tell us the details.
  5. Welcome! As far as I know, the medical clearance is based on your overall "satisfactory health" relative to the resources of the host country. Your doctor's overall assessment at the end of the form should address this or any "red flags" you are concerned about. If your not still having issues you should be fine! Best of luck!
  6. I will be doing research at the Derra de Moroda archives along with some specialized coursework in the music and dance pedagogy Master's program--a highly unique interdisciplinary program. Also, taking some historical dance classes from the Baroque and 18th century dances during Mozarts life and work. I'm focusing on how social dance can offer an integral contribution to music pedagogy. Bla, Bla, Bla...lol I'm happy to share...How about you? I would love to know about some of the other projects here.
  7. I kept it from my work and university, also. It was like preventative damage control. Sometimes it was unbearable....but I'm glad I kept it hush for a while and let it sink in. After I received medical clearance, I met with my supervisors and told them, then I sent a letter to my students, the FPA and referees and it went viral from there.. finally I announced it on facebook and let out a BIG pleasurable sigh : ) Bought my plane tix today ...I'm a little worried though after reading some of these posts. I hope they are legit and not some too good to be true deal.
  8. Hi Erica Ci--No I am a full grantee for Austria (graduate). My family is concerned too...they are going through a mix of emotions, I can tell. In every other conversation there is some inevitable phrase: "let's change the subject" or "okay, okay, we'll deal with that later..." They think there is so much time left, yet I am utterly aware of how quickly things are moving (whether I like it or not). The university has posted announcements and interviewed us for an article. One of my colleagues is graciously throwing a celebration party. It is awfully strange to have so much attention when
  9. To fellow Fulbrighters: What reaction are you receiving since the announcement of your Fulbright award from your institutions, communities, family, friends etc... any special recognition, fanfare, events, news articles? How are you handling the "change in status" as you prepare for the Fulbright experience abroad? Please share... Congratulations!
  10. Damis, I think you will be fine. If you have slight abnormalities either higher or lower it may be a concern to you (and of course you should follow up before you leave), but considering you will be going to Germany, you will not have to worry about adequate health care. Particularly if your physician gave you an overall satisfactory evaluation at the end of the form. I hope you can handle the anxious wait for clearance. Wish you the best!
  11. If that is the case, it's hard to say...I don't think it would be as big a problem if your GP initialed or made some kind of note about the error. (When the murse misread my lab result and then crossed it out, I told her to please initial next to it.) It is also highly plausible that it won't matter at all, especially since they did not cite any special criteria about making corrections on the original form, i.e. use only blue ink, or no white out, or obvious corrections. I don't yet know how they handle denying medical clearance, but it seems more likely that they would send you a new form a
  12. When I inquired about my medical clearance in early March, I was told they would send grant authorization once they receive the "okay" from IIE regarding transcripts, medical clearance, etc. The fulbright website states that you should allow three weeks. It was an anxious three weeks, but I received my notice in the form of an email with grant authorization docs attached. No news is good news, since they will return your form if it is incomplete or if there is further information required which will delay your grant.
  13. Skyfire is right! Your plan now is to get a plan B! You've made it this far, many others have not. You may be overlooking some great opportunities if you don't. Wish you the Best!
  14. Still waiting on medical clearance...anyone know how we will be notified? Hmmm...
  15. The sheer volume of "Things To Do" is utterly surreal *-* lol

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