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  1. Has anybody out there who applied heard anything?
  2. alspants


    I phoned Hunter to defer my starting till January (spring semester) and formally accept position. That was all fine. I was not asked for a deposit or for the acceptance to be in writing. Is that unusual?
  3. alspants


    Exactly how do the fees for Hunter work. Its $500 per credit. 48 credits for the MFA? How much per semester, per year, for the whole MFA. If its elongated to 3 Years, some semesters part time, how does it work then. Anybody with knowledge on this that they could share, it would be appreciated. Ps i am not from USA
  4. Ditto. Good luck to the rest.
  5. alspants


    Anybody get any funding/tuition waiver for HUNTER?
  6. I have heard nada too... I guess its pooled or something. Keep us posted those who succeed.
  7. RE hunter I called on Monday. They had not yet called the International acceptances and were very up front about decisions. Give them a call... Best of luck.
  8. alspants


    Hello, hello, people. I guess seeing as a lot of you seem to be interviewing in Hunter I might be able to glean some information and experience from you. Coming from distant lands, where University is free and you find that those with JOBS lecturing at MFA courses are your peers, I can only use the internet and some partially funded trips for serious research. 1 - the faculty at Hunter. Anybody have any thoughts. Good links to some of their work? Who do you rate, not rate? Experience of their turoring at MFA level or visiting lectures etc? 2 - Funding. How much funding is available? Is there a process to getting it that I do not know about. 3 - Interview. Anybody any experience here? I did a good bit on Columbia in terms of research. I hung out, working while installing with one of the Faculty who exhibited with us, who read my admissions for me and said it looked good. (although I did not get an interview so it looks like that avenue was a closed one). I got the impression Columbia is pretty dynamic, a bit up its own art arse, but flows with a buzz of expectancy that might prove a serious challenge to ones developing practice. Any thoughts while we wait?
  9. Hello all. I did an interview for painting in Yale last year. It was pretty straight forward. You do a faculty interview first (you are not told who until the day) and then a student interview second. You choose one work that they reserve for a final salon hang of all interviewees. The format was "you said this in your statement, what exactly did you mean by that?" "what work have you brought and why?" and "which work will you choose for final selection viewing and why?". That kind of thing really. I gather that seventy odd applied, and I was one of the disappointed who did not suit what they felt would bind well together. If you are shortlisted, they like your work, you just have to suit the rest of the selection and sell why you would fit in well, why you would add to the debate, that your work will develop and you allow for intelligent crtique. I gather Yale, with Robert Storr as head, is all about peer synergy. It's painting department allows for some interdisciplinary diversification, but your departments don't mix. I would suggest a focus on painting description, honesty and seriousness. I showed a short film I was working on and ran through shows I was working towards. They always ask a confrontational question to see how you react. I took apart the question I was asked as it was confrontational for confrontation sake, which was met with silence, so perhaps don't do that. Anybody have any experience with Hunter interviews or Columbia? Thanks... Yale - rejected with a big why did you reapply and I thought yeah, why. Hunter - interview. Columbia - no news.
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