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  1. Does anyone have any connections to any of the formula 1 teams. I'm a huge fan, but as an american, I haven't had the opportunity to attend a race yet. I'm finally treating myself and planning on making the trip to the Hungarian Grand Prix at the end of July. I'm fine with sitting in the stands, but as an engineer, I'd really prefer to be able to get behind the scenes in order to check out the pits and meet some people. So I figured I have nothing to lose trying every possible source for a connection to any of the teams. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone figured anything out the quality of the social life at CalTech? I really wasn't able to get a sense of it from my visit and I know I'll go insane if I never have time to hit the bars and have parties with the other students (or if no one else wants to go with me). Does anyone know if there's ever time for fun or if work is too intense? They seem to have a good time at MIT, but I didn't get enough time at CalTech. Does the intensity of the work and the small size of the program kill the fun?
  3. You're right, it was the other way around, they said caltech focuses on fundamentals (physics-y, like you said after) vs MIT which focus on applications and systems. I didn't really look into propulsion cause I'm more interested in solids. I'm sure they're great at it though.
  4. Hi guys, just started this account to get/dish out more info. I got the first letter that said that I was being "recommend for candidacy" on Feb 24th and I received the official one from the dean (with good news about the fellowship) yesterday, Mar 7th. Also since I happend to be in Los Angeles, I set up a visiting day with Christine and spent the whole day there yesterday. I was really impressed and had a really good time! I'll give you guys my impression if you haven't visited yet and I'd love to hear everyone else's opinions: -all the current students made it sound like the first y
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