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  1. It said, "You are one of 12 highly talented students who we hope to enroll in our program this coming autumn." I interpreted that as the target enrollment, not the number accepted to reach that enrollment.
  2. That's great, but that's not how "admission rates" work.
  3. polisci12345--thanks for your input. I am a little confused though. If these Americanists had not taken analysis and were not comfortable with mathematical proofs, how would they do formal theory or take courses in the economics department?
  4. Thanks for your reply--to clear up something that I was ambiguous about, when I said that I was not interested in theory, I meant normative political theory/philosophy (although it is clear from my post that I am not a fan of positive political theory either).
  5. I graduated from a top liberal arts college with a double-major in economics and political science. Upon graduation, I went to work for an economic consulting firm, deciding that I wanted to move away from the private sector and submitted applications to study economics in graduate school. I achieved admission to a top program on the strength of my recommendations and grades. However, upon arriving at school, I was shocked by the level of mathematical training and ability that is required in graduate level economics (the burden of which grows heavier every year, I understand), and that desp
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