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  1. I know this is incredibly vague but, using whatever criteria you would use for picking between these schools, please rank the following mathematical statistics PhD programs: UNC - Chapel Hill NC State Michigan - Ann Arbor Wisconsin - Madison Florida
  2. This is good advice, but I don't have connections in the industry. I could ask advisors/professors but I figure they would lean towards the theoretical programs because that's what they chose to do. I will still ask though. I think what makes going to a less "prestigious" school feel weird is that I worked very hard during undergrad and it makes me feel uncomfortable going to a less prestigious school than another school that I got into. Also, I talked to my Dad about this and I think he made a good point. He said no matter where you go you can make opportunities for yourself. For example,
  3. I understand that Duke/NC State would be better if I want to go into industry but (at least in the case of NC State) it feels weird going to a lower ranked school. It seems like Duke is both very highly ranked and has an emphasis on industry so that would be the best choice for me if I get in.
  4. I should've clarified; I am on the waitlist at Duke but I think there's a high chance I will get in. What if I don't get into Duke?
  5. I have a pretty simple question. I've gotten into Michigan, Wisconsin, Duke, NC State, and Florida. All of which are great schools. My end goal is to work in industry. I don't know which topic in statistics I want to do research in or what kind of industry I want to get involved in after graduation. In your opinion, which school should I go to?
  6. Thanks for your reply. There are so many views but only one reply. I find it interesting that so few people know the specialties of these top schools.
  7. I am compiling a spreadsheet with the intended purpose of assisting those who are applying to PhD programs in statistics and/or biostatistics. At the moment, I am working on listing the specialties of each program. This can be as general as Theoretical vs. Applied or something more specific such as Longitudinal Data Analysis. I am going to do my own research on which schools have which specialties, but I would like to hear from this forum as well. Of course, when the spreadsheet is completed, I would be more than happy to share it with the forum. Here are the schools I am interested in
  8. There are tons of jobs for statisticians. I don't think there are many Stat PhD who end up doing engineering or finance work.
  9. Hypothetically speaking, lets say I took the math subject GRE and did well. Do you think I would have a realistic chance at Stanford? Back to the topic, what are the recommendations for schools if my goals is to go into industry. I saw the below in another thread from 2009 and wanted to know if others agree: Top theory-focused Programs: Stanford, Harvard, UChicago, UCBerkeley etc. Top Mixed Programs (strong in both theory/applied): UIUC, UMinn, UWisc, UMichigan, Texas AM, Florida, UNC Chappel Hill Top Applied Programs (generally not "highly ranked" but have excellent industry conne
  10. Thanks for the reply. I do a good amount of work in my psychometric lab - let's just say that if/when our project gets published, other than my professor in the lab, I'll be the primary author. I needed a letter of recommendation for some of the internships I applied to this summer and when I hear back from the programs they always mention her glowing letter. So, I'm not too worried about her letter of recommendation. For the other letters, I was just going to get some of the professors I have had multiple classes with and whose office hours I frequent write the letters (the Stat department at
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and signed up because I would like advice on which statistics programs best fit my goals and which of the top programs I could realistically get into. My goal is to get a PhD in statistics and work in industry after graduation. Although Stanford is known to be more theoretical, I would still like to know what you all think my chances of getting in their would be. The #1 ranking of Stanford and it's beautiful location really makes me want to go there. Here is my information: Undergraduate School: ranking is in the 20-25 range of all undergraduate sc
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