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  1. Could anyone tell me about Engineering sciences and mechanics dept of Pennsylvania state university ? I would like someone to review or post first hand experiences about the dept and the research work done there , the funding oppurtunities for fall 2012.
  2. hasseye! Thanks for the reply!!! Here is my narrowed down list . u can tell me if its over or under ambitious. University of illinois , urbana University of Michigan , Ann harbour Rutgers North Carolina state U Penn State U Esslingen , germany TU delfts , TUE Univ of Stuttgart Chalmers University Sweden As of now this is my best shot at aid as well as admit . Let me know if this is ok or i have missed some real good universities in this field. Thanks
  3. Hello All, I am planning for a MS in applied mechanics leading to computational mechanics for FALL 2012. Please suggest good universities with a good aid chance . GRE 1270 TOEFL 117 ACAD 70/100 scale. 3 yrs work ex.
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