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  1. Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I'm starting the MSW program this fall, too! I'm SUPER excited. I did receive an email with a possible field placement site in late July. I'm in California for the summer and won't be able to do my interview until the Wednesday before classes start. I turned my field application in really early, so that may be the reason I heard sooner. Are you from Buffalo? Tell me more about yourself! It's great to see another UB student on here.
  2. Liz86

    Buffalo, NY

    I moved here for a one year work position. I got into UB's Masters in Social Work program for this fall, so I will likely stay. The biggest problem I've had is the weather and how long the cold lasts! I'd recommend moving somewhere where utilities are included in rent because my heating bill was SUPER expensive this winter. There are broken down and abandoned parts of Buffalo (much of the eastside and parts of the westside) and there are really nice, "trendy" areas like Elmwood Village, Allentown, Delaware Park area, North Buffalo, etc. Just be aware that Buffalo is the third poorest big
  3. Liz86

    Buffalo, NY

    I'm a Southern California native who moved to Buffalo last year. Even on the tiny stipend I receive, I've been able to live well here. I live in the Elmwood Village (in my opinion, the best place to live) and only pay $300 to share a two story house with one other person. Elmwood Village is full of cute restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. A night out is relatively inexpensive (especially compared to other larger cities). I'm considering a Masters program at UB and the main selling point is the low cost of living coupled with the liveliness/warmth of the city. I always say that Buffalo i
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