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  1. Hi everyone: My research interest is internet art and exhibition theory. Top two schools/advisors are Julian Stallabrass at Courtauld Institute and David Joselit at Yale. Dr. Stallabrass referred me to Dr. Matthew Fuller at Goldsmiths as someone who might be a good fit, research-wise. Only problem is it would mean an MA in Cultural Studies, as opposed to a Art History (this is my preference). Does anyone have any feelings either way on the Cultural Studies program at Goldsmiths? Goldsmiths offers an MFA in curating but no MA in art history, so it would make sense that the contemporary a
  2. Also for anyone interested in new media art: any thoughts on University of Lancaster taught PhDs (been speaking with Charlie Gere) and/or Unversity of Sunderland curating new media?
  3. Also for anyone interested in new media art: any thoughts on University of Lancaster taught PhDs (been speaking with Charlie Gere) and/or Unversity of Sunderland curating new media?
  4. Hey all--I need some clarification/confirmation. Does the Courtauld allow you to apply for a terminal PhD program without having an MA? Or do you have to apply for the MA program and then reapply for the PhD..? How does this work? Judging from the website I'm not so sure...
  5. Here are some more programs that offer dual ma/mfa (though I didn't check if they're specifically geared to painting--I think CCA may be more design/visual studies oriented) http://www.albany.edu/finearts/mfa.shtml http://www.cca.edu/academics/graduate/visual-critical-studies/dualdegree http://activeweb.sfai.edu/graduate/dual http://www.purchase.edu/Departments/Admissions/ApplicationInstructions/graduateartanddesignmfa.aspx Also, something to consider is that the associate curator for Art:21, Wesley Miller, got his MFA at Yale, so it is possible to intermingle though I think at first
  6. Brownbear, you're not late at all! And yeah, at this point I've taken a total 180 and i'm down to only considering the Courtauld (go figure!). I'm really interested in Courtauld bc of Dr. Stallabrass. (Haven't found anyone with similar interests (new media art, esp net art) at Oxford though..?) I'm curious--Why did you turn down Courtauld in favor of Oxford?
  7. Thanks, everyone. This has been a huge help. @Greenpen I was looking at Dr. Stallabrass! I think he might be a great match...But you're absolutely right. I am doing myself a disservice not looking at more US programs. Thanks for the offer of starting a direct message--I think i'll take you up on it! You seem to know your stuff!
  8. Have you looked into the curatorial program at The Whitney? I dont know how helpful my post will be, but I only ventured to contribute because undergrad professor spoke SO highly of this program--said that graduates of this program "had their resumes moved to the top of the pile" just on the basis of it's prestige. Not sure how accurate that is, or if this helps you at all. It's not an MA, but if plan on curating alone and never entering academia, it may be a cheaper option that will still give you the validation, prestige, and training that you want. Also I wanna say that the program is accre
  9. Anyone else's interest include net art or new media? Wondering if we could use this thread to swap info on professors, research subjects, schools, etc..?
  10. The money thing At the moment, I'm going for a terminal MA, which is a) another reason why I felt ok about going abroad and figured that funding wasn't going to happen in the US either, so that was a write-off. Since I'm so early on in my research, I'm trying to think about money as an ABSOLUTE last deciding factor....Thankfully I graduated undergrad debt-free, so I have SOME leeway.... I've read a lot about the Courtauld--I had no idea! What about Goldsmiths? Wikipedia gives it fairly decent rankings, and they've gotta have some kind of rep left over from the YBAs, no? I'm also no
  11. Hi All-- I'm American, and I'm almost certainly going to be applying for MA/MPhil programs in the UK alone--given current climate, I think I'll have a far better chance of getting into a more competitive program in the UK as an international student PLUS I like their teaching model better (I think it will be good training for when I'm a working academic). My question is this: Does anyone have any insight/advice regarding the Oxford Centre for Visual Studies and history of art program, Cambridge history of art program, Courtauld and Royal College of art? I'm interested in modern and cont
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