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  1. This. All of this, actually! It took a while to let the panic subside and realize that I had really good reasons for choosing the school that I did. Historically I've had a hard time making decisions, and I didn't expect the decision process to be so painful. That took me by surprise. But now I feel really good about my choice. Reading this thread has been really helpful.
  2. Thanks so much, guys. This is all SO reassuring to know I'm not alone on this. I'm letting it all sink in, and starting to get really excited about my choice!!
  3. Lesson learned. I have serious issues regarding decision-making. And I have to admit that you're more than right-on with that joke. Sigh. Everyone is probably right to tell me just to stick with it and enjoy (after all, it's ranked equal to my other choices)! But seriously: do people ever do a flip-flop within a 24 hour period? It's all been verbal so far, so no one has signed anything, but I was very unequivocal in my acceptance and rejections. I know it's a terrible idea. But is it POSSIBLE to do it without killing your reputation?
  4. Hope you don't mind if I keep that under wraps. If anyone from my the school/program that I chose saw this, I would be mortified! And my decision has already been made, so it would be a big deal to rescind.
  5. That's really reassuring, cupoftea. Thanks. I still kind of wish I could switch tho.
  6. Also, as there's a lot of sensitivity to waitlist issues on here: I was informed by the program that they did not have a waitlist. Had I not accepted there would have simply been one fewer in the cohort. If the spot would have been available to others had I turned it down earlier, I definitely would have. Now I wish I did... :/
  7. I rather impulsively chose a school I thought I'd ruled out. Now I regret it. It's a great program but just doesn't feel right. Do I have buyer's remorse? Will it pass? Was I crazy to do that? Or... has anyone pulled a switcheroo and lived to tell the tale? [Edited to add that these are small doctoral programs in the social sciences. Not assigned to any lab but have talked a lot with the profs I will probably work with. Small field. So switching is probably not an option.]
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