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  1. So, here I am: Indian student. IIT. CGPA of 6/10 Zero research experience. Reasons - without getting into too much detail, let's just say that I had totally withdrawn myself from my life. I wasn't facing it. You could call depression an issue - and I am still struggling with it. Now, I want to research in the field of computational biology/Systems Biology. As laughable it might seem, I want to give myself a shot at Tier I institutes in USA. And this is why I ask this question here: How do I build up experience now? What are the alternatives available that can make me work on
  2. Hey, that was really good! Thanks for the advice. I am already picking up on my math, doing traditional math courses/following textbooks. Also, I have joined some Computer Science courses on the much publicized Stanford online course platform - which will start later this March. I do not know if I'm inclined towards Biomedical Engineering, but right now, I'm not inclined towards anything. (The closest I could find in terms of an interest is BioMEMS, but only because they involve Physics, Mech/Elec and Bio!). In the end, is it advisable to do some primitive research work online under a
  3. Hi! [For reference, I'm studying Biotechnology in an integrated program - which spans over Mol/Cell Bio, Bioprocess Engineering and introductory Biomed] I'll try and keep it short - even though I have been thoroughly confused the past few days. So, as it happens, I find that I'm very much inclined towards technology. I like understanding whatever that's put forth to me. I have been told by several professors, and some of my friends, that anything else apart from engineering/research won't suit me. And here's the twist : Most of my undergrad life has been spent miserably with no rea
  4. Hi! I'm a biotech student from India. Does someone around here know about universities, or know a place where I can find out about them, that offer online learning courses to students in India. I am looking for very specialized courses and so not very hopeful on this front. Again, What? : Online Learning Courses by Univs FOR? : Grad Level, MEMS/Comp Science/Nanosciences/Syn Bio (I realized how impossible it is just as I listed these topics out.) Available to: Students in India Alternatively: Any POST GRAD courses in Biotech and fields that have an interface with Biotech?
  5. Thanks man! Appreciate the effort! Will reply to this post in a while. I am actually working on my summer schedule for catching up on the last two years of work. Really liked your suggestions about planning for the next one and a half year. As a slightly offtopic and insincere question, are Oxbridge, EPFL, MIT, Harvard, Cornell, JHU are all out of the question now? I mean, I am somewhat convinced I might not be applying for a program straightaway after my graduation, so is there nothing that can make up for that GPA? C'mon man, those courses were elementary If I do well in my masters cour
  6. True that!!! And this is not discouraging at all. And thank you for the incredibly detailed and informative reply! I do have a lot of questions brewing, but I'll bring them up later. Maybe a day or two. Just need to articulate them better. Once again, thanks! That was HELPFUL!
  7. Wow. Both the posts have been such eye openers. @wtncctfs That wasn't whining and no, you don't need a kick in the butt. I say this from some of such similar instances that I came across when I read about some professors and scientists and their grad experience. It's not gonna get over just like that, and it's a natural call - the way we have natural call for hunger or thirst. Maybe it all rises from a certain emptiness. The last sentence, I should say very carefully. I guess it's just time to explore. And find out some pursuit or engagement that allows you to be in useful for the world
  8. I am new to the forum and today I have been trying to get around this fact. HOW do you actually manage to offset a low GPA? I've got a 7.05/10 and got two more years to go before my program gets over. Over here, although the Grades matter, people are more of the opinion that if you pursuit your interests and get results, it should suffice. Ofcourse, it took me a while to realize that it was about getting a job NOT a PhD! So it all comes down to this - how do I offset the low GPA? Also, most univs have a cutoff for the GPA. Is there no special circumstance that this can be circumvent?
  9. Hi. I am interested in the subject of BioMEMS. I'm a third year undergrad in Biotechnology so, have nothing but a decent background in the basic sciences (from the common courses that are required). Now, I still have a year to go for making a final concrete decision. What I want to know is, whether I should hunt for an MS program or a PhD program in the field of BioMEMS? I'm interested in the field because of Using my biotechnology/life sciences background IN ENGINEERINGBioMEMS is heavy on creativity like any other MEMSOpportunities as an entrepreneur, especially in India.Now, the r
  10. Hi! I am a student in B. Tech. + M. Tech. Integrated program in Biotechnology at IIT Madras, India. I had been clueless about my plans after the 5 year course gets over, but now that my third year has ended, I am feeling a bit inclined towards a PhD. There's a problem in it though - my record in the program has been merely satisfactory and I haven't really gone that deep into my field! I still have a year and a half to apply to universities in the USA and thought I'd start moving in this direction. What can I do to differentiate my profile in Biotech now? What are the options? I have
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