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  1. Hey, I think I saw a mention a day or two ago that they are still making decisions (including acceptances). Could be wrong, but maybe try scrolling back a page or two.
  2. Yay! I see another acceptance to SUNY Buffalo. Is it anyone on this board?! I've already sent my acceptance paperwork in, so I'd be excited to talk to whomever this is. Thanks! Yeah, probably because I'm viewing it on my phone. Oh well.
  3. Weird...mine just says this: "------=_Part_21_2052294837.1362666259957 Co"
  4. I just got an email with an "Application Decision" subject line and gibberish in the body of the email. Nothing changed in the Zzusis site yet, though.
  5. I think I'm the only one who has applied to Montana State's American Studies program in the history of thegradcafe, but in case I'm not...just got an email asking me to apply for RA and TA positions and saying that the application committee will meet at the end of March and notify in April of acceptance/rejection. The stipend for TAs is $8500/semester plus tuition remission for 6 hours a semester only, no stipend for RAs. I think that makes up my mind for me. Buffalo's fellowship, it is.
  6. Same here. I've also been advised to complete grad school close to where I want to end up, which is the US.
  7. My application says "unavailable" right now. I wonder if they are updating statuses? Let's hope so!
  8. Same boat here! I also have two dogs to add to the mix. : p I own now and am very worried about finding a place to rent with my dogs, one of whom is a pitbull. Anyone have advice for finding housing long-distance?
  9. Kglad, have you heard anything yet from WSU? I saw a result or two but haven't heard anything else. Seems like a long time since someone had news.
  10. Sorry, phigirl, but I'm glad you can feel like it's behind you. Looks like you're only halfway done--surely some good news is on it's way!
  11. I don't know. I would still like to have options. I'm usually not very forward about things like that, but I was tired of waiting to hear. Hopefully they don't decide I'm annoying.
  12. Yikes! I figured since people are already hearing from Ivies, and since I already got a fellowship offer from my top choice school, I could email my remaining two (state university) schools to inquire about results timeframes. Having a mini-freakout.
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