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  1. So... Starting my second year of grad school. Still haven't figured out enough go-to lunches to bring to campus. I got the obvious, pb&j, leftovers, a hearty salad, a sandwich, but there has to be some other ideas out there. What kind of things do you bring to school to snack/eat lunch? Or even, dinner, breakfast, yet-to-be-named meals. I'm not a picky eater, but I do get bored with the stuff i'm bringing and then I get lazy and end up spending a lot buying food on campus (and my campus doesn't have the greatest options). Any suggestions?
  2. The undergrad area - something to keep in mind. The university has over 40 thousand undergrads so they are everywhere. What you want to avoid is where the sophomores live and the people who are older than sophomores but still like living in those kinds of areas. These are the people who are out of the dorms and in an apartment for the first time and are really excited about taking advantage of that and are (consequently) very annoying to live near. Some people take a little bit longer than a year to grow out of this. Avoid anything east of high st. (across from campus) between high st. and 4th st. and sometimes farther east. The northern border of this is Lane and the southern border is Chittenden. There are mixes of non-sophomorey undergrads in there, but (generally speaking) most of them are trying to get the f*** out of there the next year. W of high st. - anything between King ave. and south campus is also mostly undergrad territory, however with more of a mix between "get drunk any night of the week and verbally harass your neighbor and every passerby" and the occasional party on acceptable party nights. I think that this area (especially the closer to King you get) is a good mix of undergrad and not undergrad with relatively cheap/acceptable housing quality. Go farther south and you will find less party animals, nicer housing but also higher rent rates. However, there are lots of affordable places mixed in. If you go south of that, things become less undergrad-y. North of Lane/campus is an interesting mix of undergrads, grads, long-term residents, etc. I'd say the first 3 blocks north of lane is full of lots of people living in their first apartment (on both sides of high st.). The further north you get the vaguer this mix becomes. A good tip if you are concerned - take a stroll past the place you are interested in on a Friday or Saturday night after 10 and see what the atmosphere is like. Then take a stroll around the area immediately east of campus (east of high st. between Chittenden and Lane) around the same time and see what things could be like for a good comparison.
  3. Just got accepted to Washington State University with an awesome four-year funding package! First i've heard from them since handing in my app. I guess a late reply doesn't immediately mean rejection!
  4. I called but and they said they were sending decisions snail mail and they should arrive this week
  5. Bleargh! I'm still waiting to hear back from four schools....i've seen acceptances and rejections for all of them on the board! Sooooo frustrating!
  6. Weird, I didn't get an e-mail. I'd like to think that means good news, but my gut is telling me that just means they are taking their time with their rejections.
  7. Anyone know when Washington State's American Studies program is going to finish notifying? I know a few results have gone up on the board already.
  8. I haven't seen any postings for the Anthro MA at Austin, just the PhD. Did anyone else apply to Austin's anthro program with just a BA? Any word on when they are going to finish notifying?
  9. I am definitely still hanging out in U Chicago purgatory.
  10. I think that if you are going to spend ANY money on preparing for the GRE it should be spent shoveling out the measly $7 bucks to use ETS's "Score it Now" program. You will be very surprised by the insight into their essay scoring method. The program VERY LITERALLY looks for paragraph transition sentences and leads into examples and x number of points being made by the phrasing that is used to make a point in an essay for each possible prompt. It very transparently tells you what is good and what is not good about your essay.
  11. Nada. I'm waiting on them and 6 other schools, but i'm not ready to lose hope until I officially get the rejection.
  12. Did anyone else applying to Brown's Am Civ PhD say in the personal statement that they were interested in their MA in Public Humanities?
  13. I haven't heard jack from Chicago either. But I also haven't heard anything from 6 other schools and there have been postings on the board, some also with both rejections and acceptances so I dunno. If I don't hear by mid-March i'm going to start calling.
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