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  1. @RCtheSS: They offered a $10,000 scholarship pro-rated over two years for the MSW and no funding at all for the MPH, so my cash price would be $99K tuition before living expenses. I have not attempted to negotiate for more because I do not have excellent numbers or research to cite. They would have to give me at least $30K more in order for me to feel comfortable with the cost and that's extremely unlikely. Congrats to all of you on your hard-earned successes!
  2. I was rejected this morning. My only option is WUSTL and I cannot afford it, so I won't be going to school in the fall. Best wishes to all.
  3. Nope. Cal was a major reach for me on all fronts and I had to try even though I knew my numbers weren't up to par.
  4. That was me. A separate committee reviews MSW/MPH applicants, so it's not really a good clue for MSW applicants. Sometimes dual degree applicants are referred to the MSW pool because the committee meets later.
  5. Oh really? Okay, now I am getting much more optimistic that our time is coming! Keeping the faith over here!
  6. @RCtheSS Awww you're sweet! I applied a LONG time ago now, so I don't know what the hold up could be. @Msw_22: I have the same concern. Did you apply in December? I did. I knew I was rejected from UMich when everyone that applied at the same time or after me had been admitted and I hadn't heard anything. Maybe UCLA does it differently. I'll keep thinking that! Maybe ours is coming later today....
  7. Congrats all!!!! Well deserved. Mine has not changed.
  8. @RCtheSS Right?! Considering how poorly my application season has gone, I am expecting a rejection. I have a low GPA and no volunteering. I am completely leaning on my career and life experience, and it's already been very poorly received.
  9. @avchildre I too looked around for salary/employment stats for WUSTL grads and didn't find anything. I ended up using LinkedIn to see what jobs WUSTL grads had, so that would be my suggestion. I've been getting a "sales" vibe from admissions that I don't like at all. Furthermore, I emailed them to find out if the Statistics class I was going to enroll in would count for their requirement. No one ever responded to me and I think that speaks volumes.
  10. @Lorie Congratulations!!!! I just checked mine again (appstatus.grad.ucla.edu) and it's still giving me the "no decision has been made" message.
  11. That makes sense. I will be pleasantly surprised if we hear something this week, but based on past years, next week looks a bit more likely. They have to notify us eventually! :-)
  12. Nope. I thought when you called last week they told you a new batch of acceptances would be sent out in two weeks? I looked at the results for prior years and a lot of decisions went out during the second week of March, lots of March 10, 11, and 12 dates.
  13. I was just rejected from Berkeley's MSW/MPH dual degree program, so UCLA is my last chance this application season. I'm hoping for good news.
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