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  1. Thanks a lot Takeruk for the detailed reply. You gave me more than I expected. I think I will carry a printout of your reply with me. The conference venue is hotel Westin Bayshore at Bayshore drive, which, I guess, is a pretty expensive district. I will like to stay somewhere near from where I can travel easily. As for the budget, I want something within 70-80 CAD per day, maybe I have to stretch a bit if necessary. Since I have never been there, it is difficult to decide the budget beforehand. For the SIM, I will consider options from the carriers. Of course I don't want to land in
  2. Hi everybody, I will attend a conference in Vancouver, British Columbia for a week in the middle of September. This post is not about moving to Vancouver as a grad student (like most others). But still I thought some pointers from the natives of that area can be of help, especially the grad students' viewpoint. As everybody knows, grad nerds think alike. I have a few specific questions. I guess the weather will be pleasant. Does it rain in September? Is it advisable to take a prepaid sim from the airport just for voice calls? (Who wants to pay for international roam
  3. I am doing PhD in telecommunication, networking and want to pursue an academic career. I understand that to get a good post doc position, I need good publications. Unfortunately, publications became the de facto scale to measure one's performance. But authorship is a tricky issue and must be managed diplomatically to get maximum mileage from your research. In this regard, I have a few questions for experienced researchers. I know that this forum is primarily for graduate school applicants but still I believe there are some senior graduate students, research fellows or may be even faculty membe
  4. Thanks a lot Latte for your elaborate explanation. Certainly I can adjust the settings of my reference management tool, but I was just wondering whether the URL is necessary or acceptable or doesn't matter or undesirable. I am getting the impression that it's presence doesn't matter in most cases and so unless my reference is just an webpage or blog (which is rarely the case in serious research), I will just turn it off.
  5. I am a research student in Telecommunication engineering and majority of my references are taken from IEEE publications. As many members are aware, IEEE publications are usually closed access and I get online access to them through my university library institutional log in. The issue is my reference management software includes the URLs of the papers available to my bibliography list at the end of my papers or proposals. While going to the URLs will not really open the papers (unless you are doing so from specific IP addresses), does it in anyway violet any implicit copyright or terms my inst
  6. Thanks for your answer. I know there is a stereotype of Europe being kinda laid back and less hard work even by equally skilled people. As for Singapore, I see the environment as an extremely competitive and healthy one although can't draw direct comparison with the US itself. Guess it depends a lot on particular student and supervisor.
  7. Thanks for your elaborate reply. For language, I feel I have almost native command of English, and now a days, after being away from hometown for so long I am more comfortable in English than even my native tongue. Additionally, for your information, English is the official language of Singapore and my medium of communication since I don't know Mandarin. So it's absolutely easy to travel/study/work in Singapore even if you don't know any other language (unlike Japan & some European countries). The country is excellent if you can bear the humid tropical climate. Good luck.
  8. I am a freshman PhD student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore doing research on Computer Networking. My question might appear a bit out of track in this forum, still I felt like putting it. My point is a lot of people say that I should have done my PhD somewhere in the US, as if doing PhD in a country itself will make you a great researcher. Albeit my university provides excellent infrastructaral facilities, my supervisor is very friendly (and sincere at the same time), the above issues depress me at times. Do they mean that I could get more value after my PhD from a US university
  9. As a masters student, I want to apply to for PhD openings in the US, UK and Canada. When I write an email for the first time to one of my prospective guides, is it necessary/appropriate to enclose my full dissertation/report with the first email? I am confused because at one hand, it will give him/her a ready reference to glance through the research work I have done so far if he/she is interested at all. On the other hand, some of the professors might have privacy concerns receiving an attachment from a hitherto unknown sender and the attachment may signal desperation of kinda show off. What d
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