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  1. Apologies for the bump, but I figured I ought to give some kind of update. I've spoken to my advisor and the director of graduate studies, and while I can't take any time off without just dropping out, I have been able to reduce my workload to basically just one core class. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels as if I can't even handle that one class, so I'm going to have to stay in touch with the professor to see what I can do to catch up and keep up. I'm going to be evaluated for an OCD intensive treatment program later this month, and if I get in there's about a three-month waiting list
  2. runonsentence: I guess this as good a time as any to mention some of the specifics about my OCD. In a nutshell, I have obsessive thoughts about my boyfriend leaving me - either because there's someone better for him out there, or just because we're not alike in some way (I've actually gotten seriously distraught over our not liking the same television shows, for example). As I mentioned, while he was quite upset for a while there, and he still isn't comfortable with it, we have had a long discussion in which he apologized for how he felt and insisted that he wanted what was best for me, and th
  3. Sigaba: Oh, I won't count on what happened to that one grad student to dictate what'll happen to me. If I do completely make up my mind to take a break, I'll be sure to ask officials how to go about doing so and whether I can without getting myself in trouble later. runonsentence: My therapists have told me very much the same. To be honest, at this point I think it is the worry over what my boyfriend will think that's holding me back more than anything else, although my discomfort with medication is still a big factor. My boyfriend has seen several people on antidepressants and was really
  4. Sigaba: It looks like Incomplete would serve the latter function, although I'd have to make sure to finish the work before the next full term ends or else the I turns into an F (and I'd have to deal with other classes on top of that). As for the former, I know one student who did fail a class and later managed to retake it and pass, but if I fail all of my classes this quarter I might not be allowed to return (at the very least I would lose my funding). I don't think I can retake a class that I passed but happened to get a low grade in. I've managed to get an appointment with my therapist thi
  5. Well, I just found out that I can't take a leave of absence until I've completed at least one quarter in my program anyway, and I wouldn't be able to use the services offered by my school during the leave of absence. I'm even less certain of what I should do now. I guess I will probably continue therapy for the time being and hope that it starts to help more eventually. My academic standing is going to take quite a beating, though, and I am rather concerned about that.
  6. Juliane: I can't turn the computer off since I need to type up my assignment, but I appreciate the advice. I'll do my best to just focus on that for tonight. So far I've managed one sentence.
  7. Safferz: I've seen therapists at my school's counseling center since my sophomore year of undergrad, and a few months ago I transferred to off-campus counseling at a nearby mental hospital. I've also supplemented this with group therapy at my school. There is one important thing that I neglected to mention in my first post. I'm not on any kind of medication for mental health. I've always been very uncomfortable with the idea of being on a drug that affects the way I think. My boyfriend doesn't like the idea of my being on meds either, which also influenced my decision to stay away from them (
  8. Hi all, I'm sure this kind of topic has been posted about a million times, and if anyone wants to close this thread and link me to one with at least a near-identical situation to mine, I won't mind. Still, it's always nice to receive individual-specific advice. I've just recently (I'm about four weeks in now) begun a PhD program straight out of undergrad, and I'm attending the same school I got my bachelor's in. Since about January or late December, I've been dealing with depression caused by an intense amount of anxiety associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. I've been in t
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