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  1. Congrats!! Yep- I visited in July for their open house and a conference. Buffalo is not the warm tropics so I was relieved to see the "Spine" that runs between the buildings!The campus looks huge from the road but the buildings are actually very close together. Their 'Center for the Arts' is a very nice space as well... Their library was great- staff very helpful. They do have a separate graduate library in another building- very nice to have that space. I do wish their main "eatery" was less homogenized though- I'ld rather have independent eateries than Burger King and Starbucks......
  2. Which program did you apply to? I'm patiently waiting to hear from the Department of History.
  3. I've applied to the History program and can't believe this waiting game! Of my nine apps I've heard from only 2- one rejection from Illinois and a joyous acceptance to Buffalo's Global Gender Studies with full package. The problem with NYU and others who send out their decisions so late is that the universities who send them early expect your decision before the others come in!! I applied to NYU and the others in the first week in December. I was lucky in the waiting (until now anyway) since I was kept extremely busy during the entire break doing field work in Ecuador. I had no time to worry
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has been accepted at these Universities?
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