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  1. Hi bzrunner, My undergrad major is in music, and I hope to end up as a university music librarian or general reference librarian, though I'm really open to most types of library careers. What concentration are you looking into?
  2. Congratulations swils for getting into Madison! Everyone I talk to says it's a wonderful city and campus, so I hope it works out for me to get there and pay for the degree. St. Catherine is much closer to my family, but I already went to a small Catholic school for undergrad, and I would like to get out of my comfort zone and attend grad school in a different environment. I know that funding isn't great for library and information science in general, but I'm curious: Has anyone been offered funding (fellowships, assistantships, scholarships, etc.) besides loans? Madison and Milwaukee
  3. I just found out I got into UW-Madison! Their program is my top choice, but I want to wait on funding offers before making a decision.
  4. I heard back from UW-Milwaukee on Feb. 29. I am desperately waiting for news from the other schools I applied to. UW-Madison told me they will respond closer to the end of March, and the other two have told me early April. I have no clue when I'll hear about funding. I am really hoping I can get into Madison with a good scholarship. Does anyone know how much funding library schools usually award new students?
  5. I am waiting to hear back on my MLIS applications. I'm supposed to hear from some programs in March and others in April. While I'm pretty sure I'll be accepted to at least one program, I am worried about paying for the degree. So, here is my question for those of you who have earned an MLS or MLIS, are currently working on one, or have been accepted to a program: How are you funding your graduate studies? Do schools typically offer scholarships or fellowships for these degrees? Is it easy to find well-paying jobs on campus? Or should I just resign myself to taking out more loans?
  6. I've finally finished my personal statements...unless I find more scholarships to apply for!

  7. I have applied to the master's of library science programs at UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, St. Catherine University, and Dominican University. I'm supposed to hear back in March or April--which at this point seems very far in the future! I am hoping to get substantial funding, as I have no savings. My top choice of school is currently UW-Madison. Has anyone else applied to library science programs in the Midwest?
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