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  1. So I've decided to head to a PhD program in Geography in the fall. It's been ages since I took statistics (think AP stats in high school, woo hoo!). I'm going to need to brush up! I'm posting in the government affairs thread because I perceive you all as being very prepared when it comes to basic prerequisites like stats. I'm wanting to brush up on my basic stats (think: to the proficiency of a social science stats 1 class). Does anyone have any good recommendations as to how to do this on my own time? I'd theoretically be open to taking an online course, but I'll be travelling so much t
  2. FYI- if anyone applied to Wisconsin, you're likely in for a rude surprise. Small talk around the department is that they've only admitted a few students, most of whom are already working in the department. They're rejecting pretty much everyone this year. Sad.
  3. Penelope- This makes perfect sense. I'm wondering, in a general sense, why they bother to try to suss me out anyway? I don't really get the game. A definite answer from a prospective fellowship winner this early in the process is hardly likely, no matter who they are. I suppose the DGS might think there is some chance that I might give an unequivocal "No Thanks" (but, then, why would I have bothered to apply at all?). There is also the chance that someone in my situation could say "Absolutely, I commit to you! I will withdraw all my other applications!" - but really how big is that chance actu
  4. I'm at work so I can't call him back, but I just go a voicemail from the DGS at one of my 'safety-ish' schools (I say "ish" because what school is really a safety these days?). The message was very very encouraging. In fact, he says that the committee is "very impressed" with my application, and won't I please call back and have a chat about my interest in the program, etc, because they are considering nominating me for a university-wide fellowship. The departmental meeting is apparently tomorrow, and he implored me to return his call soon. He left both his office and cell #'s. I know how
  5. I would say that you are a potentially very competitive applicant. Of course, on these forums it is quite difficult to convey a lot of key intangibles. Especially for those who have been out of undergrad for some time- by far the most important part of your application is going to be the statement of purpose. You're going to need to coherently and convincingly tie together all of your many pertinent experiences to convey that you're a serious scholar who will be a big asset to a top PhD program. Everything in your application needs to be building up to this eventuality. It sounds like you've
  6. We're a relatively small bunch, but I'm hoping to connect with others who are applying to PhD programs in environmental studies. This interdisciplinary field doesn't seem to have a home on The Grad Cafe forums, so let's start with this thread. I've tagged this post with several pertinent keywords, so I'm hoping that these tags will help us to find one another. Here are some representative stand-alone programs in Environmental Studies. Many, but not all, of these schools are known primarily for their Master's programs, but all have PhD programs as well. Most implicitly (or explicitly) requir
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