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  1. (for social / affect / cognitive division)
  2. First round of Denver is out today, though seems like they only are making 2 at first
  3. my impression was that they are all out already, but as you said there could still be the waitlist
  4. At my interview weekend at UCSD I met people who had interviews at UMD and Columbia, so those are done most likely
  5. Definately don't lose hope until the end. My friend last year was looking at a shutout, and then suddenly in March he got emailed from one of his top schools b/c the first interview went terrible. So the prof called my friend and he ended up getting in. Point is, there's always a chance of second-round interviews. The "hot shots" will sweep up all the first rounds of interviews. But, they can only go to one school! In the worse case you take a year off, gain some lab experience, retake GREs, just push hard as you can. This is my second time around, and the time I took off in between m
  6. latest NYU post was me. if you PM me i can tell POI. Visit weekend march 1st. It appears that they are doing it by professor so there may still be hope if you still haven't heard.
  7. I had an interview with NYU faculty at SPSP - if you're in social, decisions are being made today about who gets in-person interview. So expect notification either today or the next few days
  8. NYU interview was me. POI wants to interview at SPSP this week.
  9. Being realistic about the process can be depressing but also should make you realize that it's mostly not about you. I just got informed that it looks that most likely I'm out at my top choice of Stanford, after recieving an interview, for reasons having nothing to do with my merit. The proff just doesn't look like he'll be able to take a student this year even when he originally thought he might able to. There's so much stuff that goes on in this process that just reflects the crap shoot that it is. Some great candidates get overlooked, some bad candidates get lucky, and sometimes circums
  10. hmmm nothing from berkeley and no posts today except for clinical. Website said notifications go out today! Anyone got one and hiding ?
  11. UCSD interview was me. Generalized email inviting me out weekend of feb 8th. cool.
  12. second berkeley post stated it was a mass e-mail so I wonder if that means all interviews have been extended...
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