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  1. It's the damn job that's mostly holding me back. Which is so crazy, because I never even knew of the possibility of this job, it just popped up out of nowhere. The problem with the job is that they specifically look for someone for a 2-year commitment because of the training process. I personally, don't think it looks to be a difficult job (but what do I know, I've only shadowed a bit so far), but that's how they seem to want to do it. I definitely don't want to burn bridges in the department, and it could be a great letter if I did the job, so the thought of leaving mid-way, would probably no
  2. What are people's thoughts on doing the last year of PhD (ABD) remotely? I know it's something feasible for my field (social psych) as most of the experiments I run can be done online, and the rest would be writing and preparing apps at that stage. Most of all my collaborators are also remotely from my current location, so that wouldn't affect much. The only thing I would miss is just being in lab and having that collaborative environment, etc. Also something that is motivating this decision is to hold together my current LDR. If I continued my PhD as planned, it would be 2.5 years of LDR in m
  3. kaister

    Honolulu, HI

    Yep that's true. Furniture, yeah options are limited. Depends how pricey you want to go. Target is a good option for smaller cheaper things. There are big name stores like Ashley Furniture or HomeWorld... Other than that, check craigslist or there are some discount furniture places that sell used hotel furniture, etc. that are reasonable and decent.
  4. Can all us losers go have a drink or 5 together? Like ASAP...
  5. kaister

    Honolulu, HI

    Yes I know people sublet, however to the extent that it's a formal situation all the time? No. But for most people it works out. A lot of people bike to campus. I don't know about 10 miles away though...you gotta remember this is Hawaii, 10 miles is pretty far out in the scope of things. I think you'd be able to find a decent priced place around campus, maybe 2-4 miles away. Definitely bike-able.
  6. kaister

    Honolulu, HI

    I'm currently in HI. Craigslist is unfortunately going to be your best bet... You may have to come here and stay at a hotel or hostel for a week while you find a place. That is if you want to see the place before you sign for it, which is recommended. Things turnover here really quickly and most postings on craigslist are for in the immediate future, so it makes planning really difficult unfortunately...
  7. I actually ended up using spoonflower as well. Best thing ever. NEVER going back to paper posters again. Felt so awesome not having to carry around a poster tube. AND it was cheaper.
  8. I have SPSS on my MBA. It works perfectly fine. Mines is only 128 gb.
  9. Hi there, I was in a MT program for a year before I quit, but I may have some experience and advice that may help you. What is it about a psych PhD that you want so badly? I find it's so completely different from the MT world. MT is completely clinically based, it's all practice. While you do read about research it is weighed waaay less than a psych phd. If you like the practicing notion and learning instruments, song interventions, etc. then it may be a good fit. But if you're expecting to do music related clinical research, it's less likely. They're not built for that, maybe more so in t
  10. Under what circumstance do you all think it's okay to refuse a Skype interview and push for a phone interview? Does that show any red flags? Particularly if there is no on-campus visit?
  11. Having only recently gone through the application process, I had this grand notion that most undergraduates are competitively fighting for opportunities to prep for grad apps. I have yet to really see these undergrads at my institution...I'm wondering where they all are?

    1. DeafAudi


      That is so true and is something we all should remember!

  12. Can I just say...I had a dream last night that I was being threatened to be murdered if I didn't reject this big grant (because I guess these people wanted it to go to them instead??) I don't know but it freaked me the hell out, lol! In other venting news...can my undergrad RAs just know how to use a computer and not ask me how to use a computer...please?? And can they follow instructions pleeeease?? Or not just sit there and do nothing...find something to do OR ask!! Feels like babysitting sometimes...
  13. ^ THIS. Someone. Make. It. XD
  14. Ok I am going to try this. Hopefully they get it...lol. Thanks for the advice!!
  15. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try that. It's silly because they are literally things like "How do I open a window in a mac?" or "How come I can't drag this item here?" etc. So they really are not research specific things...otherwise I totally would not mind helping out, because I understand they don't have experience in research and are still learning. But when it's basic computer skills...it can drive you a little crazy, you'd think this generation are tech savvy and know how to use google...at times I've suggested to use google and they're like "What should I google??"...cue *face
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