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  1. Lunasea, I'm Egyptian, though not from Cairo, but i've been there a lot. Don't worry about being a female in Cairo. I'm a female myself so i can tell. Cairo will probably be the safest place you have ever been to, mainly because it is very very crowded. Just take care that the Egyptian community is a conservative one. So, if you are walking alone downtown, a skimpy top or a mini skirt will get you stared almost by everyone passing by. But don't worry, these guys are harmless. AUC has recently moved to a new campus in New Cairo, which is a little bit far but i know that it provides daily bus
  2. I don't know about the Canadian visa but i've heard that some US schools may agree to issue a DS-2019 instead of the I-20 upon request. You can contact the department &/or the office of internationals to discuss this possiblity.
  3. This may also help http://www.federalreserve.gov/Pubs/shop/
  4. Hi all, It looks like i'll be going to OSU. I am an international and i will not be able to visit early. Anybody knows of the graduate housing -the non-traditional neil apartments and the neil avenue efficiencies?
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