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  1. I was in the same boat as you. I was dating with my boyfriend for 5 years before I am going to another country to do graduate school. We get married before I move, because it is quite unimaginable that both of us are separated for several years in two different countries. He then came along with me and found a job here. I would normally object to long-distance relationship for too long, say more than 1.5 years. To deal with it, I would suggest either he comes along with you and tries to search a job in the nearby location, or even nearby city (like within 2hr driving distance so that you t
  2. Hi, I also feel the same way. After the offer letter, there's no further notifications from school. I find that my school email account hasn't been set up yet. Not sure whether to start applying housing or not.... My Quest status is always "Intention to Matriculate" since February...
  3. I agree with Deckard that your letter is kind of overly apolegetic. It's correct to write polite letters to prof. But don't be too polite to the point that it makes it very lengthy and couldn't convey what you want in a straightforward way. Also, putting "if you can't write I would also understand" makes people think that "my letter might not be very essential and important" or "you already have backups". When you really want something, phrase the urgency and importance in your emails. I start to learn this when my polite emails get no responses from one of my letter writers who is a ver
  4. Hi I did this before. Same as you: 4 profs. There are two profs which only gave me lukewarm responses. So I actually made appointments with them and met them personally in their offices. One prof keeps on asking if I have other referees who know me better. I was almost going to pick him as my referees. But after the meeting with him, I've decided to go for my fourth prof, whome responded enthusiastically when I met him face-to-face. I wrote email to the prof and said I no longer need his recommendation. Of course, the email was polite and clearly elaborated the reasons: I said because it
  5. Hi thanks so much for the reply. Now I get it
  6. Hi all, I would like to ask a very silly question here. I tried google the meaning of this term but I still don't quite get it. The application system ask me to enter the details of three referees. There is one column called "affiliation". Some told me that you should fill in the academic institution this referee is working. Some told me that it is referee's relationship with you (such as supervisor, etc.). Also, there is another column called "Title". Some said you should fill in the work title of the person, such as vice dean, or associate professor. I'm wondering if this is so as the
  7. Thanks a lot for the quick and useful responses:) The reason that I believe professor D is not willing to write is because: 1) I wrote her three emails, using three different email address (this excludes the possibility of one email address accidentally falls into junk mailbox). 2) I left her message on office door and I know from the office lady that she was not on any holidays leave. 3) A few days after I sent the last email to her, I saw a mass email from her to the whole cohort talking about some summer programme. So I'm sure she is using emails. I did have joyful interaction with
  8. I have confirmed my first and second letter writers and am now hesitant in looking for the third recommendation writer. If you were me, which one of the following professors you would go to ask for recommendation letters? Please share me your opinions. Thanks very much. Professor A, who taught me two senior level classes and I got perfect grades in both of them. I believe that he has very good expertise in his field and was known by some good universities in US. However, he cannot remember my face because the classes he taught is big lecturing classes. He also has some quirky temperament
  9. Yes I now try to let my tone in the writings more open to a diversity of research sub-fields. Hi Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Indeed, writing a laundry list of research areas does give people bad impression that you don't what you want in the end. I really need to think harder to link all my undergraduate research together to come up with a coherent ending, perhaps not naming any exact research subfields at all...
  10. Hi, thanks for the opinion. This is what I am thinking now as well. Initially, I also write my interested subfield in quite absolute terms. In my first draft of SOP, I structured my essay in such a way that everything is tailored to the ultimate focus -- database systems. All the courses I've taken. Some description of certain research projects. etc. After some time, I personally feel that it might narrow down my choices, especially after I find out that it is possible that some schools' database research lab seem not going to admit new master students in some of the years. I changed the SO
  11. Hi people, I am currently hesitant in whether or not to write a very specific CS subfield I'm interested in the statement of purpose. For many thesis-based master programs in Canada, they do not need students to specify which subfield. I am thinking of whether specifying a subfield would make adcomm feel that you are more prepared and focused. Back to the topic. I hope to hear some opinions of people who are currently doing research in the following fields. 1. Software Engineering 2. Database Systems 3. Theoretical CS (Algorithms) 4. AI/ Machine Learning 5. Human Computer Interactio
  12. I think "kaykaykay" and "comp12" totally misunderstood my point. I don't bother to explain here. I was just asking one simple question where I already acknowledged the correct answer in my second response. Don't understand how these people read English.
  13. Yes I know that now if you read my second response above. I used past tense "was" instead of "is" to indicate that I did not know in the past but now I know.
  14. Hi such thinking is not coming from my side. I read it from somewhere else and was wondering whether it is correct. The reason I take the initiative to post this thread is that I had doubts on this thinking. And well, such thinking is strictly prohibited in USA and Canada. But it is quite a popular view in some other countries. Of course, quite many people dont like it.
  15. My verbal is also low. Quite similar to yours. But I still apply top schools. I notice MIT does not require gre score at all. I believe that top schools normally don't regard gre score as important. When you really start the applications you'll know why. Personal statement, reference letters, GPA, published paper are far more important. There is a list of average gre score for students admitted to top school. If I don't remember wrongly, your verbal score is the average among all admitted applicants in many top us schools in Comp sci.
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