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  1. Can't wait to try the #GCollection from @GOLDTOE! Someone's sock drawer (and drawers) are getting an upgrade #GotItFree http://t.co/NnDgnR91
  2. I agree with both of the comments and that I wrote in haste. I guess my relationship with my professor is a little different since we drink and have known each other for almost 15 years. I finally talked to him today and after a long conversation we came to a consensus. We both truly felt bad and if my spouse was in the same boat and was gravely ill I would not know what to do and I am sure it would have affected me as well. I too would also have been too proud to tell anyone. As with the waver, him as well as one of my other professors told me to check it but don’t worry about it as i
  3. TLDR – as the title says: Try to read your letter of rec’s before submission I am sure this might be too late for some, but hopefully someone out there will benefit from this warning. Learn from my mistake and read your letter of recommendations (LOR) before they are submitted. I have been a working professional for several years but kept ties with my old professors. Several months ago I announced to my professors that I was finally going to apply to doctoral programs and they were very optimistic, and even volunteered to write me letters before I had a chance to formally ask. I
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