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  1. Hi! I am in the 2 year program and will begin this Fall Thank you for creating this!
  2. Congrats to everyone who got accepted!! Quick question. Is it me or is the CUSSW website down?
  3. Thank you for taking your time to answer! I have another question. I'm not sure what I want to specialize in just yet. Is it possible to change my specialization stream in social work in my second year? Is it tough to change it midway? Also, can I still practice clinical social work (ex. be a therapist) even if I don't specialize in clinical social work?
  4. OH WOW! Thank you for offering to answer questions! My main concern is regarding scholarships at this point. I am an international student so I wont be able to take out much loans. Was CUSSWs schoalrship offer good? Do they have fellowships?
  5. congrats to everyone who got in!! Did anyone receive entrace financial aid, bursaries or scholarships?
  6. Haven't heard anything about fellowships but on the CUSSW website it gives a list of internal and external scholarships you can apply to and maybe fellowships (but nothing significant). I also saw that work study is available but the wage is $8 per hour. Which i find is so low, but I'm not aware of how wages work in the US. I also heard CUSSW's program itself is not challenging and maybe its because the girl who told me did her undergrad at teh university i currently go to. why does finance have to be such a big prob
  7. is anyone defering thier offer for Columbia?
  8. I would also suggest looking at schools that offer good funding, if finance is something that is important to you. I got accepted to Columbia but am probably going to defer it because its just way too expensive for me right now.
  9. Hey, Someone may have replied to your post, but I wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful chance. My CGPA is 2.83 when I applied to Columbia Social Work (however my GPA in my fourth year was a 4.0 cuz i worked my ass off) & I GOT IN! So in terms of marks, don't even hesitate! However, I did numerous internships internationally, and have many research experience and publications and awards. I just really fucked up in my first two years of undergrad so my CGPA suffered. Those with low GPA's don't lose hope y'all!
  10. Thank you for your advice. May I ask what you or other MSW graduates earn per year after their CUSSW degree? I'm going to have to make a decision soon and I want to know if this degree would be an "investment" and if I could earn the $$ back. People often tell me social workers don't get paid that much and so a MSW degree for 100 grand (2 yr program) , to be frank, is not worth it. I'm fearful of being in ALOT debt after I graduate. Also, you did mention that the fellowships/grants you applied to were highly selective, which leaves me wondering if my chances would be slim compared to other students. I'd really like to go but its been hard to be "practical" about my possible debt. Any tips on how to approach the financial aid office? I contacted them before I found out about my acceptance and I was not impressed with their help. They just gave me a website to apply for loans and weren't helpful in terms of giving detailed answers for fellowships/grants for international students. Thank you, I really appreciate your advice!
  11. I got in and didn't complete my stats course yet. The administrator said I need a B or better and I need to complete it before orientation in August.
  12. HEYY! I just got accepted to the MSW program. I'm a Canadian student so I'm considered an international student. The fees for the 2 yr programs is very expensive. Do you have any advice on fundings ,fellowships, scholarships? THANK YOU!
  13. From the research I've done, they only give about 10 grand for grants but thats nothing compared to their tuition cost which comes up to about 90-100 grand for a two year MSW program (Columbia). Does Columbia have tuition forgiveness programs for MSW students who come from low-income families?
  14. I haven't heard from UofT social work yet - I'll hear from them in April
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