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  1. @Andrade831 I'll send you some info in a private message.
  2. Anyone else here heading to UNC-CH this Fall ?
  3. I got waitlisted at my 1st and 2nd choice (only applied to three programs). After a week on the waitlist at my top choice, I got in with full funding. I did send them an email explaining that it was my top choice, and that would I be accepted with funding, I would come. I also took the chance to describe some of my recent achievements. Good luck everyone getting of waitlist!
  4. A lot of UNC-CH rejections in the survey, anyone here got an acceptance from there as of yet ?
  5. Anyone else hear back from Clark? Got put on their waitlist, so I guess it means more waiting for me. Also I remember reading on the UNC geography website (before they changed it), that they do rolling admissions. So the posted acceptance doesn't necessarily mean that all acceptances have been sent out. It's tough, the waiting game...
  6. Hey everyone, I'm an international first year applicant applying to Clark, Toronto and UNC Chapel Hill. Any input on the status of the last one of these in relation to other programs?
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