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  1. Northwestern doesn't require its theorists to take quantitative methods classes.
  2. Different states have different priority deadlines. Check the FAFSA website.
  3. That's probably not true. UNC e-mails admits first.
  4. Congrats. TAMU's got a pretty good program. College Station isn't much, but the department has killer facilities and financial resources.
  5. No reason to worry. I was rejected and waitlisted by departments ranked below places that offered me fellowships.
  6. I received rejections from all four of those schools on the following dates last year: OSU - Feb 4th (online system) WUSTL - Feb 19th (mail) Stanford - Feb 6th (e-mail) Duke - Feb 20th (e-mail)
  7. No reason to give up yet. It's still very early; UIUC might not have notified everyone yet. In addition, there's always the possibility of being waitlisted.
  8. Munger is the department chair. Unlike most of the stuff on that board, you can probably trust that message.
  9. Take anything said on that board with a huge grain of salt.
  10. Jim, Don't remove yourself from consideration for two reasons: (1) you might not get in to any other programs and (2) if you are accepted somewhere else, you may be able to use this offer from Emory to get yourself a slightly better funding package that you might not get otherwise. Don't go crazy with demands and keep in mind some places won't negotiate (UNC poli sci doesn't, for example, but Texas poli sci does). If you can get a fellowship, some summer funding, or an RA slot out of this than it's worth it.
  11. TAMU, Texas, UIUC, OSU, Stanford, Berkeley, WashU, Wisconsin, and Duke.
  12. UNC was the first school I heard back from last year. I wanna say I got my acceptance in the first week of February. TAMU's came two or three weeks later.
  13. My understanding is that the DC schools aren't very good with funding, so you might want to drop them in favor of a couple of different departments. Your advisers should have a reasonable idea of where you should apply and where your chances of admission are best.
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