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  1. kyung

    Buffalo, NY

    Parking permit at UB is cheap. I guess it was $25 for a semester. Don't worry about it... and sometimes it's not easy to find a space, but if your classes are at night, then I bet you can always find a good spot near the academic complex.
  2. I totally agree with Gaiden59. You should check your research areas first. And I also would like to advise the original poster to consider other conditions, such as weather, location, neighborhood, and etc.
  3. I heard that there would be some internship/job opportunities near Dallas, because Dallas has many semiconductor manufacturers. SMU does not look like a research university. Even though I remember a paper from that school.
  4. kyung


    I have talked a professor about funding and acceptance. He said, "we have very limited funds... if you have funding (scholarship) from your country or employer, you can be admitted easily..., but you can also be admitted without financial support." Just in my opinion, if you have a scholarship which can support you during your study and the program need not concern about funding your study, it will increase your admission possibilities. But just not checking "i need finanical support" would not help your admissions. It's nothing but an opinion.
  5. Thanks, joro. I wouldn't like to worry about it, but I can't stop worrying. I don't know why he haven't submitted letters. Actually, when I asked him about submitting LORs a few days ago, I wrote him, "if you are uncomfortable, please let me know. I have to find another LOR writer." But he answered "of course I will do it on time." I can't understand. I am from an east asian country, and have no experience with professors in the U.S. before. He suggested me that he would write LORs for me even before I asked. So, I asked him to write LORs when I completed applications. Is there anyt
  6. Congratulation!! My recommender answered that he will write on time. Anyway, I am so stressed in this processes...
  7. Thank you red_crayons. Actually, he is faculty member at the school I am applying to. So I did not worry about his letters. Anyway, I have to write an email to him...
  8. My deadline is today (January 15). One of my recommender has not submit his letter yet. I reminded him in late December and he answered that he would submit the letter in a timely manner. Should I wait or remind him again before the deadline?
  9. http://idleprocess.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/why-go-to-graduate-school-and-how-to-get-into-the-program-of-your-dreams/ This post might be helpful. And I heard that UIUC supports some of their MS student. Good luck to you!
  10. How about asking the professor to give you a reading list on the research topic? After reading them, you can ask questions and/or express your ideas on that topic. That's what I have done. Fortunately, he seemed to like my ideas. He said he could write a recommendation for my application to his program.
  11. Did you have an interview? If you did, ask your status to the interviewer. He or she will let you know your possibility of getting in.
  12. Anyone accepted from here?
  13. I'm waiting to hear from NYU, though I do not expect much. I sent an email a week ago, but I have not received any reply.
  14. Computer Science PhD programs at Univ. of Rochester, NYU, and SUNY Buffalo.
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