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  1. I spent my early childhood in Worcester, and my best friend went to college there. First of all, you can't compare Worcester to Boston or New York. Worcester is an ugly town although not as dangerous as Boston or NYC. Its a small city without much art or public transportation. In fact, I think you need a car in Worcester. The perks are that you can score a sweet apartment (w/o roommates) for cheap, having a car will prevent you from waiting in the cold for buses or trains to come, and you'll have a ready-made excuse to go drinking instead of to musuems. I think UMASS med has a great r
  2. And to think, I applied to the "less eliteist, less mainstream" programs. Well, it seems like just a facade. All that matters in the end is that you produce a cookie-cutter application. I am runing out of ideas and hope. All that I know though is that I love philosophy more than anything, and I am sad that I will have to put off formally studying it. I mean I that's all I want to do... If anyone has ideas of how to improve my application if I need to reapply next year, I would appreciate the input.
  3. Does anyone know if Fordham considers its PhD applicants for their MA progam? I still haven't heard anything, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that atleast I'll get deferred to a MA program somewhere I applied. Also, does anyone know of continental philosophy MA programs that are still accepting applicants? I am trying to be constructive by thinking of ways to improve my resume for grad school if I am rejected from PhD programs. :roll:
  4. I am getting sick of this waiting game! Its making me depressed. I need some reponses so that I can get on with my life
  5. hmmm..I know, but I have worked in admissions offices in which I alone sent out more than 200+ decision letters. If all offers have been made and no rejection letters have been sent, then it seems like this issue just is not their priority. This behavior could spoil their reputation with applicants in the future. I know I am looking for a dept that has there sh*t together. (Pardon my language). Anyways, Two Questions: 1. Was the anonymous guest that posted regarding Depaul an applicant? Accept, waitlisted, or rejected? 2. Does anyone know if Fordham considers its PhD applicants
  6. :shock: Why do they wait soooo long afterwards to send out all notices? In all fairness, please let me know so that I can move on unless there is a possiblity that I will be accepted. Plus, I did pay the school to review my application, so its not like I am asking for a favor. If all waitlist offers have been made, I think that it shows a lack of responsibility to not send out the rejections immediately especially when the dept. advertises that all applicants will be notified in February! I am disappointed-yes- so atleast spare me the anxiety of waiting. How much effort do they have to pu
  7. Wow, I don't know how you are doing it, but it sounds like you've definately got what it takes to get into a PhD program. Keep going...you'll be fine. I postponed applying until a year after undergrad because I refused to apply to PhD programs and complete my yearlong honors thesis simultaneously. More power to you! You're almost there!!!!!
  8. Cleaning worked really well as a distraction tonight. I dusted every single corner, filed papers from years ago, and reorganized closets It sounds like more than it was...it only took three hours. Try it. :wink: Atleast you'll feel accomplished outside academia. Next, on to doing my nails (I haven't "done" them in about 3 yrs!)
  9. I personally only work harder when faced with a difficult situtation. Although I don't look forward to any imbalances, all that I can say is "Bring it on!" Also, I love Heidegger!
  10. Fordham said decisions have been made and they are sending out the letters by mail within the next few weeks. Stony Brook said we will receive notification by mail mid-March. New School said that they will send out offers by mail beginning March 15th. Boston College said that they haven't given offers yet but will send the decisions by mail. Thanks for the Northwestern update.
  11. I'm female. I attended a women's college as an undergrad so that may have contributed to my interest in graduate school. Many students from my school go on to grad programs in philosophy and the majority of the philsophy professors were women. From what I have heard, my experience has been unusual thus far and I should be prepared for a diff situation in grad school (I have heard some negative things but mostly from older women). I'm ready---if only they take me!
  12. No, but it doesn't surprise me since I have heard very neg things about them adminstratively and financially. Mostly stories of them admitting people with no funding or eliminating funding when someone is part way through the program. I went to an open house there and the faculty was very unwilling to speak with students. I cannot remember the faculty member's exact words, but the person said that faculty was way over worked and not supported. A friend of mine went to an open house that they publicized only to have them tell her that they advertised the incorrect date (we live in another s
  13. I applied to Boston College, Depaul, Fordham, Northwestern University, Stony Brook, and The New School. My GREs stunk but since I refuse to retake them and I did't have time to review except for the night before, I accept them. They were around 1200 total and 5 writing. My grades are ok 3.6 at smaller liberal arts college. Luckily, my resume rocks: Research Asstant for 1 year for notable scholar, TA for 1 class 3 times, Writing Assistant for 1 sem, president of philosophy liaison, typical honors thesis and department honors, dept award, and 3 fab recommendations. I also had many job
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