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  1. Interesting. I will contact the dept secretary at UNC and find out.
  2. @Expresso Shot Thanks for the good info on Stanford and Harvard. I presume Harvard will send out acceptances or POI phone requests on monday or tuesday next week. At least, that's my guess. I'm glad to hear that you are one of the applicants who has gotten into Stanford. Thanks for telling me the funding package. You're right - that's a perfect offer. I have not heard from either of these programs yet. I wonder what are the last names of @jenjenjen, @socscholar, and yourself? Perhaps, and that's a big perhaps, they have just gone through the first half of the alphabet thus far... There are a few other programs that I am still waiting to hear from, like Cornell, UNC, John Hopkins, Penn, etc., but Stanford or Harvard would easily beat out those schools for me. Hence, the questions... Has Stanford told anyone that they have been waitlisted? I haven't seen anyone report that on the results board...
  3. Has anyone heard news from these two programs? Last year Harvard called 21 people for final interviews with professors. Then two weeks later they accepted 10 of them. Has anyone been called this year? The interviews last year happened in early february and the acceptances were around Feb. 17th. I noticed that Stanford acceptances for this year have been posted on the results page. There were only five, plus one person posted saying that not all the acceptances had been decided yet... Anyone know more about this? Perhaps they have gone through half the alphabet this past week, accepting five-seven people, and then will do the next half the following week?
  4. Wisconsin - March 9 Michigan Ann Arbor - March 11-13 Berkeley - March 15-16 (or 15-19th?) Stanford - March 15-16 Texas at Austin - March 21-22 Minnesota - March 22-23 Penn State - March 24-26 Duke - March 29-30
  5. Hi all, I am trying to plan the next few months and am wondering what the visiting day dates are for the schools to which we applied. Does anyone know when the dates were last year at the schools that haven't released their all of their acceptances yet (i.e. harvard, berkeley, chicago, northwestern, etc.)? Let's make a list for everyone's benefit... These are the schools with dates that I am aware of: Michigan Ann Arbor - March 11-13 Berkeley - March 15-16 Texas at Austin - March 21-22 Penn State - March 24-26 Duke - March 29-30
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