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  1. Thanks for the information and correction...I guess that I never noticed that until you pointed it out.
  2. Thanks for the advice! I am not planning to show any data but just a figure about my hypothesis. I will copies with me in case they are interested to see it.
  3. Thanks! And I hope we both will get interview invitations from Pitts. I did also email the program coordinator but never got any response so at least no news is good news? I think I may email them again...
  4. Thanks! I hope that we both make it! My interview will be 2/23-2/25 so I am anxiously preparing for it. >< I also just got in contact with a current grad student in the program and hopefully she can provide some useful information/hints for interviewing there. I think Immunology is a smaller program and usually just takes 5 students a year (so they invite 12-14 applicants for on site interview each year...at least that's what it said on the website but I think that they also do phone interviews for international students). Hopefully the professors in the program won't be too difficult du
  5. @ snehapotdar, At this point, I am actually loosing hope for Pitts. I will be having interview with Baylor College of Medicine next week, and I will put all my hope in that...but it would still be nice if I can hear from Pitts though, whether it's a rejection or an interview invitation. Anyway, fingers crossed for both of us!!
  6. Yes, I applied to IBGP but did not apply to Biological Sciences. I actually wrote a few emails to the administrative person and directors inquiring about my application status/interview invitations but no response at all from any of them. Not sure if we are being wait-listed or forgotten...
  7. I went to the School of Public Health 2 years ago, and I would say the it is very competitive but students are mostly pretty nice (at least in my department). Having living in Baltimore since 2009, I would say that yes there are quite a few negative things (i.e. bad neighborhoods, bad traffic,etc.), but you get used to it. The engineering school is located in a safer area of Baltimore (I am currently living near homewood campus where lots of JHU students live), unlike the medical campus, which is surrounded by very bad neighborhoods. The city itself is quite old, but it is still a city (many g
  8. I am still waiting to hear from U of Pitts...
  9. Albert Einstein: Jan 12-13, Jan 26-2 Baylor COM (MCB): Mar 1-4 Baylor COM (Immunology): Feb 23-25 Brandeis University (Neuro): Feb 3, Feb 17, Mar 3 Boston University (GPN): Mar 4-6 Case Western Reserve University (BSTP): Feb 3-4, Mar 2-3 Columbia (Biological Science) March 1-3 Columbia (Integrated CMB): Jan 20-22 Columbia (Neurobiology & Behavior): Feb 8-10, Feb 29-Mar2 Columbia (Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine): Feb 3-5 Cornell (Weill): February Cornell Tri-Institutional (Weill/Cornell/Memorial Sloan Kettering) Computational Bio
  10. I applied to the Integrated Graduate Program in Life Sciences (IGP) at Northwestern and Microbiology (Immunology track) at BU. I emailed the directors to ask about interview invitations and they told me that I was not selected.
  11. @ coonskee ~ Thanks for the response. I am thinking about printing out a few figures regarding my hypotheses (potential signaling pathways. etc.). Thought that visuals would really clarify things, but I will certainly practice taking about it out loud in case they don't allow people to bring anything during the interview process.
  12. Is it appropriate to bring power-point slides to present/summarize my past research projects? I think figures and bullet points would really help me and the interviewers understand what I did.
  13. Does any one know what Baylor College of Medicine's acceptance rate from interview? Is it over 50%? On the website of the Immunology program, it said that usually they selected 12-14 applicants for interview, but I dunno how many spots they offer. I am just very anxious since this is the only interview invitation I have so far so I definitely wanna nail it.
  14. I applied to the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program (Immunology track) at UPitt. No response from them yet...
  15. Got interview invitation from Baylor College of Medicine this morning (Yay!!!) for Immunology program. Has anyone gotten admission offer or an interview invitation from Baylor? I really want to know how selective and competitive the program is...cuz so far I got rejections from NYU Sackler, Hopkins School of Public Health, Northwestern and Boston University. Still waiting for responses from Mount Sinai, UVA, Hopkins School of Med for Pathobiology program, Penn State, University of Pittsburgh and UT Southwestern.
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