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  1. what's with the staggered uchicago acceptances?
  2. which schools, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. is there any specific day of the week decisions are more likely to come out on?
  4. results search says someone has heard from northwestern for an interview (history phd)-- can anyone speak to this?
  5. Hi folks, I've been a user of ~~academic twitter~~ for a bit but I found myself wanting to ask questions without my name attached. After talking to other grad students I realized this was a pretty common need, so I've been working on a project where you can submit your questions anonymously on twitter and get answers from academic twitter! I hope it turns into a resource on everything from department politics to personal to publishing questions for folks in grad school. Please follow and share if so inclined :) Hope this post is ok and helps some folks! https://twitter.com/AskAcademx
  6. Just got an email that I got awarded!!!! So f'ing happy especially after nsf disappointment. I applied in neural sciences. Good luck to everyone else!!!!
  7. def had a few too many drinks, want to sleep so badly
  8. Also this time is earlier than other years-- usually it goes to 5am. Here's to hoping that we don't have to be up all night!
  10. someone asked on fb about notifications and got this response: National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Thanks for your message! The applications are currently being reviewed by the DoD. They expect to inform us of their decisions by sometime in mid-April, at which point we will notify all selected applicants. Have a great weekend! March 28 at 2:39pm
  11. yep! for one of my review sheets from last year, I'm not sure if he even read my proposal/CV/etc. He commented that I have no publications (false) and that all my research experience is in neuro (3/4 of my past labs have not been in neuroscience), etc.
  12. I also am guessing the people answering the phones have minimal idea of website mechanics
  13. yep, have had 3 dreams. First one I didn't get it, second I did, third I didn't find out
  14. I'm confused what this tells us?
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